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Slam’d & Cam’d Car Show


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I’ve been asked to help with this, once again, I can’t say no. 
Will be 3000 spectators, 300 show cars, TV Personalities Courtney Hansen with Birdman and Mike Murillo from Street Outlaws. Car show is to build a world class event for the city of BR and support a couple charities along the way. This years charities are LA National Guard Angel Tree, Boy Scouts and Racin for Vets. July 11, Raising Cane’s River Center.


They plan to have over $15M in show cars there. 


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3 hours ago, watson said:

Cool that should be fun. 

Yep, had lunch with the main guy heading this up today in Houston. He asked if I could get coach O to attend. But O will be out of town that weekend. 
I did get a few items lined up. They will have a number of new car dealerships, with cars on display. Acura, is one, my relatives own 5 dealerships. My good friend owns Lexus, he will bring in cars. Mercedes plans to get involved.

Another relative own Cam Motion, he will have a booth there. For some of the older folks, Cam Motion, specializes in cams. The owners family was with Graham Brothers Engines in BTR, years back. 

I was involved back in the early 70’s with a number of racing folks around BTR. Being cars, motorcycles and race boats. I did machinist work during those days. We did a number of cars, boats and motorcycles during those years. Everything was to make them go faster. 

If anyone remembers those years, I’d be glad to discuss those times. Life was great growing up in BTR, heading to the drag strip, boat races at False River and Lake Palourde, racing the motocross tracks in at area, and weekends up in Chipola, La. 

As kids we learned with motorcycles and car engines. We’d pull a VW engine out late at night, by sun up, have it back in and running. The easiest to hot wire, a VW. 

BOT, I got in touch with the Lt Governor, they are going to help us out with a few things. Looks like things are falling into place. Yes Watson, it should be a good one. The first one I’ve ever been this involved in. 


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