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2020 NFL Draft, Tigers, Notes, Dates


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As most know, the NFL was to have its draft April 23-25, in Paradise, Nevada. The team with the most picks, Miami (14), the team with the least, the Saints (5).

It won't be the normal production as in years past, due to the whats going on in the US. But each teams Draft/War Room, will have a setup of cameras, once that team is on the clock.

LSU looks to have a number of Players involved. The record for players taken in a draft, 14 players drafted in 2004, that was by Ohio St.

LSU has had a few notes during drafts. LSU's first 1st rounder, Steve Van Buren, he went in the first round in 1948 and 1951.Steve's brother Ebert also was drafted in the 1st round, years later.

Jerry Stovall was drafted in the 1st round twice in the same year, 1st round the 2nd pic, by the NFL and 1st round, the 3rd pic by the AFL.

The most draft picks in a season by the Tigers, was twice in 2013 and 2014, both drafts had 9 players going each year.

The last time LSU had no players taken in a draft, 1993.

Ok, now, lets talk Tigers in the Draft.

We have 17 players that are draft eligible. How many get drafted? That's the question. Of the 17, we could have around 14-15, with a shot at all making it into a NFL camp.

Joe Burrow

Clyde Edwards-Helaire

Grant Delpit

Michael Divinity

K'Lavon Chassion

Saahdiq Charles

Thaddues Moss

Jacob Phillips

Rashard Lawrence

Lloyd Cushenberry

Kristian Fulton

Justin Jefferson

Patrick Queen

Breiden Fehoko

Adrian McGee

Stephen Sullivan

Derrick Dillion

Blake Ferguson


So now, where and what round do they go? O and the staff will get calls. Up until the other day, it was looking like the Saints might go after a WR in the first round, Emmanuel Sanders, changed that. A few of my coaching friends were at SMU and signed him out of high school. So now where does the Saints go now? LB and CB seem to be two of the needs, guess what, LSU has players, with first round talent, if available for the 24th pick. Queen is one, but the Eagles and Raiders look to have him on their boards. Fulton is another the Saints might have a shot at. But so many teams have a need at CB, remember, teams need three good CB's. to compete in the NFL.

Ok, most figure the Bengals will take Joe with the first pick, but Miami has 3 picks in the first round #5, #18, and #26, they also have two picks in the second round, #39 (the 7th in that round) and #56(The 24th in that round). So they have a ton of picks, 5 in the first two rounds. Do they make a trade? Word out, they would love Joe. Do they want to spend a few picks.

Some word, the Cowboys want a safety and Delpit is on their list, if available. But a number of teams are in need of the same thing. Will he be around till the 17th pick?

As for now, LSU could have 6 players taken in the first round. A run on players, team needs, then you hear, best player available. All come into play.

The Pats only have one pick in the first and none in the second round. They do a good job of sitting back, letting other teams making picks, seeing whats been missed. With no LSU Pro Day, Kevin Faulk will get a call, and questions about Tiger Players will be compiled. In the third round, they have three picks, two of them, Compensatory.

In the first three rounds, we could have 9-11 Tigers taken. Will it happen?


With no Pro Day at LSU, many wanted to hold off, due to a number of things, 15 game season, home turf advantage, more training, etc. But because many players didn't make it to the combine, and didn't have a Pro Day available, many are in the same boat. But one thing the Tiger players have, 15 games, against the best competition. That film will be used fully, along with calls from the teams front office, Head Coaches and staff.


Quick story. I happened to be with a coaching friend one time, at his office. His cell rang, after looking at the area code, he said that he better catch it. It was an NFL team representative, asking about a former LSU player, he had signed and coached. It was a lengthy talk, but to the point. That player, he's on the staff at LSU now. Boo. The same coach also signed and coached Emmanuel Sanders at SMU.


My next post, I'll take a look at each Tiger player, as to where they could go.


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To this day, one of the best draft with Tigers in it:


1 12 Odell Beckham Jr., WR N.Y. Giants
2 51 Ego Ferguson, DT Chicago
2 55 Jeremy Hill, RB Cincinnati
2 63 Jarvis Landry, WR Miami
3 92 Trai Turner, OG Carolina
5 156 Lamin Barrow, LB Denver
6 178 Zach Mettenberger, QB Tennessee
6 181 Alfred Blue, RB Houston
7 239 James Wright, WR


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2020 NFL Draft: Roger Goodell announces final date, plans

SDS Staff | 4 hours ago

The NFL Draft will look quite different this year, as the league has canceled all public events surrounding the event.

The good news, however, is that the Draft will go on as previously scheduled from April 23-25, NFL commissioner Roger Goodell announced Thursday evening in a memo to all 32 teams. The commissioner said the decision was “unanimous and unequivocal” that it would go on.

“As you know, we have been reviewing and addressing all aspects of our off-season operations, including the Draft, in light of current public health conditions,” Goodell informed all clubs in a memo dated March 26. “Earlier today, the [NFL Management Council Executive Committee] discussed the issues relating to the Draft. The Committee was unanimous and unequivocal that the Draft should go forward as scheduled on April 23-25, 2020.”

Goodell also said in the memo that he thinks having the Draft is a great thing for the country during this time.

“Everyone recognizes that public health conditions are highly uncertain and there is no assurance that we can select a different date and be confident that conditions will be significantly more favorable than they are today,” Goodell wrote. “I also believe that the Draft can serve a very positive purpose for our clubs, our fans, and the country at large, and many of you have agreed.”

The Draft will still be televised, but no public events will take place. That will certainly make for a different type of Draft in 2020.

“Because of the unique circumstances in our country today, the 2020 Draft will obviously need to be conducted in a different way,” Goodell wrote. “Already, we have cancelled all public events, we will not be bringing prospects and their families to the Draft, and the Draft itself will be conducted and televised in a way that reflects current conditions.

“Our staff is certainly mindful of the operational issues this presents, and our top priority is putting in place procedures that allow all clubs to operate on a level playing field so that the Draft is conducted in a way that is competitively fair to all clubs. All clubs should now be doing the necessary planning to conduct Draft operations in a location outside of your facility, with a limited number of people present, and with sufficient technology resources to allow you to communicate internally, with other clubs, and with Draft headquarters. Needless to say, we will be prepared to adjust to changed circumstances in the next several weeks, including the prospect of clubs being able to resume even limited operations within their facilities.”

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By everyone, Joe Burrow will be the first player taken off the board. He is the more NFL ready QB I've seen. From the first game to the last, 15 total, has been a treat to watch. Winning the Heisman by record margins. Completing 76.3 % of his passes, for 5,671 yards and 60 TD's. His two year total was 8,565 yards and 76 TD's. His two year totals, has him second in passing yards, only to Tommy Hodson, Hodson took 4 years to get to that total. Talking with two guys I know that handle parts of the NFL Draft, they both agree with me, we have never seen a player move up the draft boards this fast. Once the season started, he was closer to a #15 QB in the Nation. This is the fourth year in a row, the #1 QB, looking to be the first player taken, a player no one would have thought to be. With the Bengals having the first pick, Joe being from an area a few hours away from their home town base. Some talk a few more teams, would like to move up to get him. Miami has three picks in the first round, also two picks in the second round. Are they playing with house money?


Joe Burrow 6'3" 215#

Joe didn't run or do a bench press at the NFL Combine. Not that it was needed. After 15 games, the teams  have more than enough information on Joe. Many times teams interview a player, to get into their head. Joe being a coaches son, without at doubt, team had him ace that part. Watching the Heisman awards ceremony, that has to be the best speech I've ever heard a player make. John Cappelletti had a good one, but Joe's touched a bunch. Like Cappelletti's, very touching and heartfelt.

What you see in Joe, is what you get, a player that gets the job done, will go to bat for his teammates.

Joe does the best job in making reads, before and after the snap. The best part, something hard for a QB to do, continue to look downfield, while under pressure. He will step up, or step back in the pocket. He can feel pressure as well as any QB. He knows where every player is on the field. To have three of the best WR's on one team, that helped. They never gave up on a route, when he scrambled, they looked for an open spot, or stopped on the open spot of a zone. They all played like that ball was their, Joe put it in a spot for them to have the best shot for the reception. Some say his arm strength might not be the strongest. That was the knock before the season. No one is saying anything now.

The biggest knock, he's gonna have to learn to slide in the NFL, as the season went on, he got better. If the rush gets tight, he will take off, his numbers getting a first down or TD while running, unreal. He's a player that can put a team on his back. Yes he was surrounded by talent, he made that talent better. Some say the addition of Brady, the play calling, only done it for one year. They can knock all they want, but I see the best QB and best player out there. Some compare him to Peyton Manning, some to Tom Brady, he's close, in that zip code. 

He puts the ball into the RB's, all the time, reading the defense, pulling out at the last second. He reads the Safeties as well as anyone. When the ball is snapped, or before, he knows where he's going with the ball. He had great coaching at LSU, the concepts used, he full gained for this. He can handle a offense, he has a feel, he knows when to go fast, when its time to dial it back. Throws very well on the run, on the move, he has the eyes downfield. He looks for separation between the WR and DB. He looks for a mismatch, who's on the TE, who's going to pick up the back out of the backfield?


Joe will be the first player taken in the NFL Draft, only the third time ever. Joe will join Cannon and JaMarcus Russell.


Just one old guys opinion. Welcome yours.




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Kevin Faulk explains why Joe Burrow-Tom Brady comparison isn't crazy

Adam Spencer | 3 minutes ago

Former LSU QB Joe Burrow is the presumptive No. 1 pick in the 2020 NFL Draft and will likely end up with the Cincinnati Bengals.

What kind of player are the Bengals getting? Well, Burrow has drawn comparisons to 6-time Super Bowl champion Tom Brady recently.


LSU assistant Kevin Faulk (who played on the New England Patriots with Brady) said on Mad Dog Sports Radio on Sirius XM recently that he doesn’t think the comparison is crazy (via 247Sports😞


“I know he doesn’t like the comparison (with Brady),” Faulk said. “But the only reason why I compare him to Tom is because of his preparation. His preparation is elite. His understanding of the teams were playing, the coverages we’re playing, the blitzes that they’re bringing. Of course they’re going to get you once in a while because they change up and disguise but this kid reminds me so much of how Tom prepares for a game and how much he knew everything was going to happen over the course of a game.”

Obviously, it’ll be tough to live up to that lofty comparison, but Burrow has overcome the odds before.

Can he lead the Bengals to a title? We’ll see how he fares in the NFL starting this fall.

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15 minutes ago, LSUDad said:

His preparation is elite. His understanding of the teams were playing, the coverages we’re playing, the blitzes that they’re bringing.

In the championship game in particular, this is what I was so impressed with.  Joe's ability to anticipate the blitz, know where to go in one second, he made those plays, I remember two in particular, defeat the blitz and actually make a big play out of it.  Joe's best attribute may be between his ears.  Combine that with a great work ethic, competitiveness and desire to succeed, he's a very good QB.  Elite in college for sure, I think he will succeed in the NFL, but how successful depends on the team he is on and the coaching they get.  The only thing about going to Cleveland is that after an initial contract, he will become a free agent with 4 or 5 years of experience.  He should go for the shortest contract he can get, and tell the Browns his decision to remain with the team after his initial contract will depend on the players they put around him, how effective the front office is on draft days and trades, and how effective the coaching staff is over the next five years.  "My objective is to win super bowls and I want to play for a team that effectively pursues that goal" (my made up statement, not anything Joe has said, although he may think that).

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This one here, Common Core, has replaced Common Sense. Common sense is not that common anymore. She has Joe going as the 5th pick overall. Enjoy


Updated: March 30, 2020 at 03:08 p.m.

Cynthia Frelund 2020 NFL mock draft 2.0: Analytics-based picks

NFL Network Analytics Expert



Now that many big moves have been made in free agency, I re-ran my analytics-based mock draft ... I guess that makes this my Analytics Mock 2.0, which reflects personnel adjustments from free agency but is still based solely on a contextual, data-driven model that aims to do one thing:

Maximize each team's potential to win as many games as possible in 2020.

Just like my Mock 1.0, take note: I am NOT attempting to predict or divine what teams will ACTUALLY DO on draft day. This is not meant to predict how the draft will play out in reality. Rather, I am using this model to, again, examine what teams should do if winning the most games in 2020 is the only goal. The exercise I am taking you through here considers current rosters and the overall market of remaining free agents. 

Here's how my mock works: I use my draft prospect model to create a numerical value for each player. These ratings can be compared across years. Then I use my NFL production model, which considers the market of free agents at each position, to create a projected win-contribution metric by player, position group and side of the ball. These get added up to forecast win totals for the season. The results quantify strengths and weaknesses of current NFL rosters. My model also factors in as many known elements of coaching philosophies (of the current staffs) as possible, and of the 2020 opponents. Then my model "selects" the draft prospect that would yield the highest win total for each team next season.

Here's the part that's extra: I have projections and results for all teams and the draft prospects they selected over the past 15 seasons. I examine each season's on-field results, objectively analyzing what happened, along with the trends and strategies that led to success or failure. I also ask coaches, front office executives and even players to help me understand why results occurred. These subjective inputs help shape the results, meaning the model gets "smarter" with each passing season.

Lastly, there are a lot of real-life efficiencies that could be realized via draft-pick trades. I can't help myself but to note them in certain cases, but for the sake of this mock, there are no trades allowed. If I worked for an individual team, an analysis like this could aid in creating a strategy for identifying potential trade partners as well as vulnerable spots where other teams are most likely to scoop up targeted players.

Note: Remember to refer back to Mock 1.0 for more information.





Chase Young - Edge



School: Ohio State | Year: Junior 

With some surprise high-value free agents still on the market -- namely edge rusher Jadeveon Clowney and quarterback Cam Newton -- the mathematical decision translates to win-share value of more-known quantity at edge (Clowney) plus rookie quarterback ( Joe Burrow) versus more-known quantity at quarterback (Newton) plus rookie edge (Young). With the Bengals' subpar O-line -- and the rules of this mock narrowing our focus to 2020 wins only(disregarding future years) -- Young, who is my model's highest-rated player, barely edges out Burrow. In Mock 1.0, there was a much bigger gap in win-share increase between Young and Burrow. Now, that margin is razor thin.






Andrew Thomas - OT



School: Georgia | Year: Junior 

Assuming Washington moves on from seven-time Pro Bowler Trent Williams ( per his very vocal desires), adding a left tackle affords the Redskins the best opportunity to get the most from second-year QB Dwayne Haskins. There are four high-ceiling tackles in this draft class, of which Thomas is my top-ranked, meaning my model thinks he will have the biggest impact from Day 1.






Jeff Okudah - CB



School: Ohio State | Year: Junior 

Trading away Darius Slay leaves Detroit with a massive question mark at corner, and Okudah is my model's top-rated prospect at the position. While the No. 3 overall pick could be a prime trade target for a team looking for a quarterback -- especially now that the Giants, who pick fourth overall, added cornerback James Bradberry in free agency, which could allow Detroit a better chance to trade down a few picks and still land Okudah -- trades aren't allowed in this mock, so Okudah's fit offers a high ROI.






Tristan Wirfs - OT



School: Iowa | Year: Junior 

This pick remains the same from Mock 1.0 in part because of the value of Wirfs' right tackle production projection, and also because the team's signing of free-agent corner James Bradberry helps address a big need on the defensive side of the ball. Further, bolstering the O-line very slightly edges out the potential value Isaiah Simmons could bring to the Giants' defense. (The addition of linebacker Blake Martinez in free agency also drives more value to increasing the O-line impact.)






Joe Burrow - QB



School: LSU | Year: Senior (RS) 

Again, an unchanged projection from Mock 1.0. One note on the QB that adds context from the last mock: On both passing attempts from a clean pocket and under pressure, Burrow had the highest percentage of throws that came within three feet of his intended receiver for any draft-eligible quarterback this season. I also compared his mark with the consensus top 10 QBs from last season ... and the 10 from the season before ... and his percentage tops all of them. Let that sink in, because I did a lot of coding to get here. Not one consensus top-10 draft-eligible QB from the last few classes had a higher percentage of on-target passes than Burrow.






Tua Tagovailoa - QB



School: Alabama | Year: Junior 

Considering the increased likelihood of Tyrod Taylor being a major part of the team's 2020 effort and the Chargers' improvements at left tackle (Bryan Bulaga) and on defense (CB Chris Harris) in free agency, Tagovailoa's blend of quick- and deep-passing potential gives the Bolts the best chance for the most wins in 2020. Should Tua not be available, Mekhi Becton would be my model's next-best selection here.






Isaiah Simmons - LB/S



School: Clemson | Year: Junior (RS) 

After Young, Simmons offers the highest win-share impact to an "average" team for the 2020 season in my model. That's not to say that QBs aren't valuable as rookies, but rather that players at the position typically take a bit more time to realize true gains. As for Simmons' specific fit on the Panthers, his extreme versatility in college (he played meaningful reps as a slot corner, safety, off-ball linebacker and edge defender, as well as some snaps as an outside corner) makes his potential production as a pro more impactful in the competition-elevated NFC South.






Mekhi Becton - OT



School: Louisville | Year: Junior 

Adding ( stealingDeAndre Hopkins and then drafting Becton increases the Cardinals' win-total projection by more than two Ws in my model. That's a really big jump. Becton's athleticism fits the projected pace of play in this Kliff Kingsbury/ Kyler Murray system very well.






Derrick Brown - DT



School: Auburn | Year: Senior 

In my last mock, I had the Jags adding to their interior pressure potential by selecting Javon Kinlaw. Brown was off the board by the time Jacksonville was picking in that exercise. Not today! Brown would be an upgrade over Kinlaw, per my model, as his production against the run and pass at Auburn project for quicker potential development and impact as a pro than any other defensive tackle in this draft.






Jedrick Wills - OT



School: Alabama | Year: Junior 

I've already praised the free-agent acquisition of right tackle Jack Conklin, calling the signing one of my top three best moves so far in free agency. One other reason the Conklin signing is so clutch, along with the Browns' other free-agent dealings, is that it gives them a lot of trade leverage with the 10th overall pick. Left tackle is certainly a need, and Wills creates the most value in this projected situation. However, depending on how the draft plays out in reality, the Browns could snag their tackle and add to their overall draft equity.






K'Lavon Chaisson - Edge



School: LSU | Year: Sophomore (RS) 

The Jets' offseason has included a number of high-value contracts, per my model, in the sense that they are priced well for the potential production and create fits that seem to strategically align. Corner Brian Poole for $5 million is an example. The Jets added four O-linemen in free agency, yet the offensive front is still their most critical position area of need, per my model. However, my four highest-ranked offensive linemen are off the board. As is my highest-ranked corner. Therefore, addressing the pass rush adds most to the Jets' potential in 2020. There is only a small difference between Chaisson, fellow edge A.J. Epenesa and CB C.J. Henderson in my simulations.






Jerry Jeudy - WR



School: Alabama | Year: Junior 

No change here from Mock 1.0. While my imaginary neutral-fit model has receiver CeeDee Lamb rated slightly higher than Jeudy, the fit within the Raiders' system -- given what we know about Las Vegas' QB situation and Gruden's play-calling tendencies -- edges the Alabama product ahead of Lamb.






CeeDee Lamb - WR



School: Oklahoma | Year: Junior 

With the departure of Emmanuel Sanders, upgrading the receiver position would add the most 2020 wins for San Francisco -- and Lamb is my model's highest-rated wideout, due to his route-running ability and yards-after-catch savvy. This is a strategic fit for the Niners, given Lamb's catch potential and his ability to open up spatial opportunity for others in Kyle Shanahan's offense.






Javon Kinlaw - DT



School: South Carolina | Year: Senior 

My model projects Kinlaw's production at interior defensive line would add more to Tampa's 2020 wins than any available O-lineman (adding right tackle Joe Haeg shifted this) or defensive back. Kinlaw's Day 1 impact in Todd Bowles' system forecasts to be most felt against the pass, which will help the Bucs' young defensive backfield, as the front and back of defenses complement each other.






Laviska Shenault - WR



School: Colorado | Year: Junior 

Drew Lock will benefit from this pick, as will Courtland Sutton. Shenault's ability after the catch -- breaking tackles and turning shorter, scheme-based passes into big gains -- will complement both a developing quarterback and a receiver who broke out last season. Shenault has a less-certain projection than the two receivers picked ahead of him, but his potential is maximized in a scheme that can leverage his physical style early on.






A.J. Epenesa - Edge



School: Iowa | Year: Junior 

Epenesa's projected value as an edge rusher adds the most wins to the Falcons. (CB C.J. Henderson would be next in line.)






C.J. Henderson - CB



School: Florida | Year: Junior 

With corner Byron Jones now in Miami -- and receiver Amari Cooper signed to a long-term deal -- Henderson fills Dallas' most crucial need.






Joshua Jones - OT



School: Houston | Year: Senior (RS) 

Fifth offensive tackle by Pick No. 18 ... Let's just say there will be trades, but don't underestimate the value at the position (I'm talking to teams here).






Trevon Diggs - CB



School: Alabama | Year: Senior 

Even with the signing of free-agent corner Eli Apple, Las Vegas spending its second first-round pick on Diggs creates the greatest uptick in projected wins, especially considering the likelihood of facing high passing volume in the AFC West.






Xavier McKinney - S



School: Alabama | Year: Junior 

Adding McKinney's versatility as a safety/nickel linebacker at Pick No. 20 gives the Jags a pretty big steal in terms of wins added for their new-look defense.






Henry Ruggs III - WR



School: Alabama | Year: Junior 

Much more than just a speed merchant. According to Pro Football Focus, Ruggs dropped just five passes during his three college seasons. And he's a highly efficient route runner.






Tee Higgins - WR



School: Clemson | Year: Junior 

The departures of Stefon Diggs and Xavier Rhodes/ Trae Waynes create a big primary need on each side of the ball. My neutral model is slightly higher on Justin Jefferson than Higgins. However, pairing Higgins with Adam Thielen and Minnesota's tight ends adds the most wins in 2020.






Justin Herbert - QB



School: Oregon | Year: Senior 

I was fortunate enough to have the chance -- via Zoom, of course -- to track and code for Herbert's game with a coach from the Bill Belichick tree. While it would be better for any Pats quarterback if Dante Scarnecchia were still coaching the O-line, the potential for Herbert to execute in this system is higher than it might appear at first blush.






Patrick Queen - LB



School: LSU | Year: Junior 

I really liked my Justin Jefferson pick here in the last mock, but with the addition of Emmanuel Sanders, Jefferson's value was leapfrogged by the linebacker position -- especially since Queen is in the top 16 of my neutral-team player rankings.






Kristian Fulton - CB



School: LSU | Year: Senior 

This pick remains the same from last time, yet has a higher win impact now that Xavier Rhodeshas departed.






Austin Jackson - OT



School: USC | Year: Junior 

The sixth offensive tackle off the board here. And he just so happens to go at No. 26, which is exactly his ranking on Daniel Jeremiah's big board.






Ross Blacklock - DT



School: TCU | Year: Junior (RS) 

Will Jadeveon Clowney stay on this team? Either way, boosting the D-line with Blacklock adds the most value here.






D'Andre Swift - RB



School: Georgia | Year: Junior 

This pick also remains the same -- for now. However, depending on which defenders are available, this could shift. The next-closest wins-added fit? Oklahoma LB Kenneth Murray.






Yetur Gross-Matos - Edge



School: Penn State | Year: Junior 

My model identifies edge rusher, defensive tackle (to fill the void left by the Jurrell Casey trade) and right tackle (after Jack Conklin's free agency departure) as the highest 2020 win-share uptick picks, with Gross-Matos leading the way in this simulation.






Justin Jefferson - WR



School: LSU | Year: Junior 

My model rates this as a steal for the Packers, even though they already acquired Devin Funchess. Jefferson and Davante Adams' projected production = fantasy and reality gold.






Jaylon Johnson - CB



School: Utah | Year: Junior 

Johnson's potential overall production -- from the corner position and particularly as a slot defender -- addresses both a Day 1 need and depth against the pass. My model has Johnson slightly edging out LSU safety Grant Delpit.






A.J. Terrell - CB



School: Clemson | Year: Junior 

Highest-rated corner available in this simulation. Boosting the CB group creates the most value for the Chiefs overall, and Terrell's Clemson resume projects for high value in a Steve Spagnuolo defense.

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Report: Dolphins trying to move up to draft Joe Burrow

BySHEA DIXON 7 hours ago 

One of the foregone conclusions of the 2020 NFL Draft seems to be that the Cincinnati Bengals will select LSU quarterback Joe Burrow with the No. 1 overall pick.

But is there any scenario where that isn't the case?

On Tuesday, Miami Herald reporter Armando Salguero followed up on a recent report by adding that a source said the Dolphins are still trying to trade up to get the No. 1 overall selection in this year's draft, with the goal to be landing Burrow.

The Dolphins currently have the No. 5 pick in the draft, but with the hopes of landing a quarterback, are they too far back to make the splash they are hoping for?

The latest CBSSports Mock Draft, which was released over the weekend, had Burrow going at No. 1 to the Bengals, then Tua Tagovailoa going to the Washington Redskins at No. 3 and Justin Herbert going to the Los Angeles Chargers at No. 4. 

Now, the Dolphins brass are working behind the scenes to explore all options, including whether or not it's worth trading away picks and/or players to take the No. 1 pick away from the Bengals.

"NFL people are saying this to me privately — from their homes, of course. Sure, they think Burrow’s going to be better than the other guys. But they also admit they don’t know," Salguero said.

While the Dolphins might be interested in moving up to select Burrow, it doesn't mean the Bengals will budge.

Thus far, all signs have pointed to Cincinnati wanting to keep the No. 1 pick and use it to bring Burrow, an Ohio native, back home to help light a spark into the franchise moving forward.

This week, the NFL Network's Ian Rapoport reported that Bengals owner Mike Brown was in the meeting with the Heisman Trophy winner when the team first sat down with Burrow at the NFL Combine.

"Here's an interesting note about the all-important Joe Burrow meeting with the Bengals at the combine," he said. "Mike Brown, the owner, who is still very much involved in day-to-day operations, really still runs the show in Cincinnati, I'm told that Brown was in fact in the meeting with Joe Burrow.

"It's basically standard for teams that are looking to take a top pick, but still, this particular one is noteworthy because there was so much media surrounding whether or not Burrow did in fact want to go to Cincinnati. Of course, he came out publicly and discussed that and said that he would, but from what I understand, Brown wanted to be the one face-to-face, who addressed any concerns that Burrow may have.

"He wanted to be the one to talk to the top prospect, lay everything out and make sure that Burrow had all the information to make whatever decisions would be necessary. Meanwhile, the Bengals then went out and spent a ton in free agency, very uncharacteristic, but no doubt this is something that Joe Burrow was watching very closely."

The NFL Draft is set to begin on April 23 and wrap up on April 25.

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I know during these times, don’t know if anyone is interested in Draft talk, if so, I’ll continue this. 

I did talk with a Draft friend yesterday, for about 20 mins. We covered a number of topics pertaining to a few of the Tigers in the upcoming draft. 

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30 minutes ago, houtiger said:

I'm interested fo show!  The biggest surprise to me is Patrick Queen in the first round.  I thought he would go second or third round.

Just about everyone has him in the 1st. Remember, the Tigers last guy to go from RB in High School to a 1st round pick, Devin White, the 5th overall player taken. Out of high school he was a top 7 back. Back to Queen, he is right behind the Murray in class. He too coming out of Livonia High was a top 30 player. Its looking like Queen won't be around when the Saints pick at #24. There are a number of teams looking at him, Dolphins being one. He covers sideline to sideline, gets through traffic, uses his hands well, recognizes a play from the snap, not easy to fool. Can drop in coverage. His tackles, Ints, TFL, sacks, all are good numbers. I said before, teams have 15 games to go off of. 

We talked about the Tigers and the Saints, the Saints got a WR in Sanders, but would not be shocked to see them take another in this draft. So, where does the Saints go? A great pick if he's there, Delpit, some are saying he's dropping, I don't see him falling to the 2nd round, as some are saying. I don't know if Delpit falls into the 20's. Browns and Cowboys both need help at the Safety positions. But remember hearing, "best player available", at times, that come into play. A player falls into the laps of a team, they hold off, till their next pick.


We talked about the number of Tigers in the first round, 6 players could hit that round. Any fall into the second, some team got a steal. Due to this deep draft at certain positions.

I talked with a OC the other day, he's coached in the SEC, at a number of schools. He just loves Jefferson, same with my scout friend. His 40 time, tells teams, hes not only a slot guy, but someone who can lineup outside. At one time, before Sanders, Jefferson was one the Saints were looking at.


Since no schools had Pro Days, having 15 games to study, that's a plus for the Tiger Players. But what also helps, some on the LSU staff, coming from the NFL. Calls will be made, questions will be asked. Keep an eye on the Pats, Kevin Faulk will be in touch with his former team. The Pats are in need of a few positions, that have LSU Players coming out. A few, DE, LB, OL and TE. The Head Coach has the call on the draft, he's one of a few in this number. So, if someone drops into his lap, Bill will pull the trigger. The Pats have one pick in the First, none in the second, but in the third, they have a total of three. Two in Compensatory Picks section. So they might take a Tiger.


I'm ready for the Draft, we have a number of players that will come into play, and early in the draft. The 1st, 2nd and 3rd rounds, 10-12 players could come into play.

Hope some enjoy.





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Another thing that may help the Tigers, when the NFL looks at their tape, is the quality of competition they play against.  When they played InbredGumps, I think Stingley had D. Smith, so Fulton would have had Jeudy.  That should give coaches a good idea what Fulton can do.  It's the same for all the draft eligible Tigers.  Watch our o-linemen against Auburn would give you a good idea what they can do.  Florida, Ga., Clemson, there are good players out there to judge the Tigers against, multiple times.  I think you can figure out what they are capable of, not that they just had one good game.

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I’m going to bring up how the 16 LSU Players have an advantage by attending the NFL Combine. Every team has the 15 game films. They also have information from the Combine, to have information compiled from these two along with having made calls to O and the staff, gives teams more information on the Tigers than just about any group of players.

Each Tiger at the combine went through Interviews, Measurements, Pre-Exams at the hospital, a Media Session, Position Coach Interviews, NFLPA Meeting, and Psychological Testing. That is about as much of a information taking as most teams could get at this time with everything going on. 

Remember this one, Sean Payton does a great job during an interview session. Sean likes to ask a QB, “Where is your weakness, what part of your game do you need to work on, once you get into the NFL?” The QB gives him something Sean can use against him, when he might play against this QB in the future. Sean also  likes to get a better feel for a QB, just in case, down the road, he has a chance to pickup on one of these QB’s.


Those 16 players go a one up on a number of players. Also Ferguson got into the combine, every team needs a LS. 

What’s going on now, teams want as much information as they can compile on a player, the drafting section of a front office, wants to make sure, nothing gets by them, that’s their job. So coaches will get calls at LSU. When a player gets a question from an NFL team, or coach, most times, they already know the answer. 

This is a continuation of the season, yep college coach get calls. Teams before the season, the staff starts putting together a list of players, one time the Cowboys had a investigator follow a player in the SEC. That investigator knew everything about that player after a few days. He knew that the kid never went to class, who he bought his weed from, what his daily routine consisted of. I know the Cowboys didn’t draft the kid. He was still drafted in the first round, fell to the 29th pick. I don’t have to give his name, most will have it figured, with a little more info. He was the highest rated player to be signed since the college signed Eli out of high school, the other school it came down to before signing, LSU. He fell out of a hotel room, landing 15 ft below. Right now, he’s a free agent, looking for a team to pick him up. Too much talent, lots of waste. 

Getting back to the Tigers, I’ll give a little more on some of the Tigers, with my next post. 

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Joe Burrow issues message to his LSU teammates after missing team's canceled Pro Day

Michael Wayne Bratton | 1 hour ago

If not for the coronavirus pandemic, 32 NFL teams would be represented in Baton Rouge on Friday watching Joe Burrow and his LSU teammates workout during the team’s latest Pro Day event.

That’s something Burrow is having a difficult time dealing with as he sits back home in Ohio and away from his LSU teammates.


“Today would’ve been our pro day, a day I had been looking forward to for a long time and the last time 2019-2020 LSU Tigers competed together,” Burrow shared on Friday. “I miss my guys.”


This isn’t the first time Burrow has conveyed just how important LSU’s Pro Day would have been — not for himself, but for his teammates to be given one final opportunity to improve their stock for NFL talent evaluators.

Bruce Feldman of The Athletic recently shareda note one of the staffers at LSU shared about Burrow and his disappointment regarding the cancelation of LSU’s Pro Day event:

“Wanna know why Joe Burrow won the national championship? Cause yesterday he calls me and tells me that at all costs he need Pro Day to happen. I tell him that it’s unlikely, cause the NFL has taken their people off the road. I say ‘but it won’t matter cause you are going to be the first pick in the draft.’ He then tells me that it’s not about him. It’s about the guys that didn’t go to the combine, he wants them to have every chance to get drafted. I love that dude.”

That tells you all you need to know about Burrow and a big reason why the Bengals are likely going to select the reigning Heisman Trophy winner with the first overall pick in the 2020 NFL Draft.

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18 minutes ago, LSUDad said:

A few NFL teams are trying to get the Draft moved back to August. 

That does not make sense, unless they believe there will not be a 2020 season.  I heard one guess that they would not play in 2020, but would run the NFL season in the spring of 2021.  If they do, they should make it an abbreviated season, or those last games are going to get HOT.  If you have a domed stadium it would be OK.  Note I read said 24 have outdoor stadiums.

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Clyde Edwards-Helaire 5'7" 210# 4.6/40

The start of the season, Clyde, much like Joe was coming in as a late rounder. Clyde was thought to be late rounder or Undrafted. How times have changed in this season. This offense fit well with Clyde, his receiving skills came out. 55 receptions, for 453 yards and 1 TD. His rushing numbers for this season, 215 attempts for 1,414 yards and 16 TD's.

His short stature, but solid frame, low center of gravity adds to his difficulty in getting a solid hit by the defenders. Very athletic, has enough speed, changes directions well. Hard to cover with a LB, can find a seam in zone coverage's. Does well picking up the blitz. KO returner in Special Teams.

I know some have him in the 1st round, that would be great, but second round seems to be where he could be taken, early in the second. Miami could use his versatility, as would a number of teams.


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**Wide Receivers**

+Justin Jefferson (Jets) WR 6'3" 190# 4.43/40


When Justin ran that 4.43, a number of teams took notice. His 111 receptions for 1,540 yards and 18 TD's, stood out, when you see a Biletnikoff Award winner, on the field with him, at the same time. Not one WR coming out this year can match Jets stats.

He is 1st round material. This is one of the deeper drafts at the position, that I've ever seen. If teams start making a run early, 5 or 6 WR's could go in the 1st round. Before the Saints picked up Emmanuel Sanders, there was some talk, they were looking for a WR, Jets was one guy they were looking at. I still think, even with Sanders, they might draft another WR. How early or late, remains to be seen. Too many teams in the 1 and 2nd rounds need help at the WR position.


+Derrick Dillon WR 5'11" 187#

Some film going around that he ran a hand timed 4.29/40. I think he can be in that 4.3's range. Most will tell you, he is one of, if not the fastest on the team. He does well at the position. A LSU Pro Day, would have done well for him. He has a shot to get into a NFL camp.






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**Tight End**


+Thaddeus Moss 6'3" 250#

Moss also missed out with a LSU pro Day, he didn't participate in the combine running or lifts. A well rounded TE, catching and blocking. Lacking playing time, he only played in 2016, at N C St. having only 6 catches. This season, 47 receptions for 570 yards and 4 Td's. He had 2 TD's against Clemson in the NCG. This is a deep draft at the TE position. But his usefulness, has teams looking. Remember Foster Moreau, before his injury, he played in 13 games, starting 4. A red zone threat, he had 5 TD's. Foster was drafted in the 4th round. Moss could go in the 3rd. remember, the third round has an additional 10 compensatory picks. In the third round, 2-3 Tigers would be value picks. So 42 third round picks, some odds there. 


+ Stephen Sullivan 6'6" 235# 4.66/40

His 4.66 time in the combine got a few teams interested. Speed and size. His time at LSU, 4 years, he's had 1 rushing TD and 3 receiving TD's. Some team could draft him, as I always say, it only takes one team to like you. He will make it into a NFL camp, one way or another.

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