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This one always touched close to home for me


I attended a catholic school.
And i could hit heat. Like i wasn't afraid of anyone's #1. Don't care how hard you threw, if it didn't dance, I was smoking that shyte.  

But damn if any kind of somewhat decent breaker didn't make me look terrible.**

**In reality, I faced quite a few that were professional caliber.  Guy I graduated with is in Tulane's Hall of Fame had a cup of coffee with the Padres. Another is on his College team's hall of fame (and logged few years in minors). Guy graduated year after focused on Soccer in college instead of even attempting baseball, but had the nastiest lefty slider I have ever seen. Just disgustingly hard 10 to 3 filth while touching mid 80's, at 16 years old.

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1:3 ... "Just Throw. The boys are here for you."

COMPLETELY different situation, but reminds me of one of my last little league games.

we was teenagers (16-ish) playing against the most hated roostah-smokers on the planet. Happened to be two best teams, by far, in tri-parish area.
game was already getting heated. chin music, take out slides high and late at 2nd, couple really hard tags on close plays, etc. Couple fans already been tossed by ump. 

Few guys already had gotten plunked. Tempers flaring. 

Think Red Sox/Yankees, except we all knew each other personally.

Catcher calls timeout. Entire infield meets him on the mound.
Pitcher says something to effect "_____ is on deck. Two down.  If that fucker gets to the plate I'm smoking him, don't care the situation."
Third baseman replies "Do what you got to do. We got you."

Batter hits one up the middle. Single.

_____ comes up.  Man on two down.
First pitch is in the dirt.
2nd one drills hims him in back part of his ribcage. 

Benches Clear.
Several years of intense battle all erupt at that moment.
Last black eye I ever got was in that skirmish.

Somehow, field was cleared. Nobody was ejected. and game went on. Guys played all busted up. Jerseys ripped, lips bleeding, etc.
We both played last few games of season.

the day before the post-season tourney, we get notified by league that both teams were suspended and ineligible for postseason play.
just like that. #1 (us) and #2 (them) seed in the tourney were eliminated without a single pitch being thrown.

and my career was over.

I would pay a ridiculous sum of money to go back in time and be able to play that tourney.
We'd lost 2 games total over the previous 4 years. Both to that team (both in post season).
They'd lost probably 4-6 games over same time frame.  All to us.

We both played (and beat the hell outta) all-star teams from other parishes, and a couple travel teams (this was very early in the travel ball era).
At 16 years old, we beat the Varsity High School team in more than one scrimmage (even though somehow most of us never even made a HS roster).

Goddamn I miss playing.

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so, for absolutely no reason at all, this scene popped into my head



movie was set in 1988 for context, but:

18 walks = 72 pitches minimum (if he doesn't throw a single strike to the batter)
18 strikeouts = 54 pitches minimum (if he doesn't throw a single ball, or no foul balls hit on 3rd strike, etc.)
and he hits at least 1 batter on a 1-0 count = 2 pitches

that's a minimum of 128 pitches thrown, but let's be real it's likely well above that. 
in a "professional debut", which we know is early season because the radio announcer guy says the bull lost their first three games of the year. 
meaning this game was played somewhere around April 10.

even by 1988 standards that's absolutely insane!

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