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Oil way down... how to play it?


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There is a worldwide oversupply since the US learned to frack.  But, there is a big difference in the cost of production, and Saudi Arabia is the low cost producer.  Saudi no longer can cut production and disrupt the US economy, but they can increase production, lower the price of oil, and bankrupt our smaller players.  It is their way of forcing the US to cut production since we are not in OPEC.  Then this corona hit and destroyed demand around the globe, auto, jet, and sea transport are all way down.  It will come back, but when is the question.  It feels a little too far off for my taste.

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Agree HT, once things start to line out, where do we go. Too many things come into play.

Summer is upon us. The height of the gas season, the travel season, vacation season. The USA can stand on their own without oil imports. So what does the rest of the world do with their oil? 

The economy was going along fine, how long till they recover after this, no one knows. 

Many in the service industry took hits,  how long do they recover, do they recover? 

The restructuring of the US is going to happen. This was needed, a sad way to learn. 


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6 hours ago, dachsie said:

I don't think there will be a lot of travel this summer, at least not like it usually is.  It may be August - September before that happens

Might be able to find better deals, going to figure more folks staying within the US? I had to cancel a flight the other day. Going to book three more flights, checking rates. 
I understand folks holding off. I remember when gas was up in price, some folks were canceling vacations, why? We ran the numbers, gas mileage, cost of gas. It was like $50 more. Why would $50 hold you back from a vacation? 

Im just ready for things to get back to normal, whatever normal is. 

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On 4/12/2022 at 3:28 PM, LSUDad said:

Bump, welcome to the new normal. 

I never did stop traveling. Looks like I’m not the only one. 

Neither did I. Got in lots of trouble for not wearing my mask and that type of crap but just dealt with it. Seems like things are just going to contiue to be very fluid and God help us if we don't get this dingbat out of the WH. We may be seeing the beginning of the end...of everything!

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