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LSU vs Alabama (Pt 2)


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So we discussed Tua and the GumpTurds offense. 

Their defense is still a Saban recruited and led defense, but it's not an all time defense. Talent everywhere, but not as deep as in the past. 

You can bet Saban has been analyzing LSU'S offense...

"This is unlike any LSU team we've ever played...they're not just lining up in I formation and trying to run the ball up the middle." 

He knows although we aren't exactly lighting up the score board, this isn't Les Miles brand of offense anymore. Now I love Les, but he was never gonna beat GumpTurds again constantly playing to their strengths. It's refreshing to see us throw on 1st down, go hurry up at times, be more aggressive. 

They've given up points this year, over 30 to Arkansas in fact. But they've always done it after jumping ahead 21 or so to 0. So i still maintain the key is stopping them early...even if just holding them to a FG. 

Speaking of special teams, the gumps are woefully behind LSU in that category. But it would sure be nice if Cole kicked more XPs than FGs this game. 

LSU has played 5 teams in the present top 30. GumpTurds has played two in the present top 50. That matters,  imo.

I'm so ready for Saturday night!

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I've been watching SEC Network this week and some of the analysts are saying that yes, GumpTurds has yielded some points, but that was early in the season and the defense has improved game by game, just like ours (and our offense).

Some of them mention that LSU's o-line will be the biggest and most physical that GumpTurds has seen so far this year (they said we average 319 pounds per man from tackle to tackle).  They think this must work and LSU must be able to run the ball, enough to keep them from stacking the box.  With a creditable running game, a play action pass on first down stands a much better chance of working.  When you do throw, we have to execute.  Over the years we've all advocated for better balance, and this year we have better balance.

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