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LSU vs Alabama (Pt 3)


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Is Alabama unstoppable?

The GumpTurds have scored at will, particularly early in games. But against what??

The highest ranked FBS defense they have played is 1 spot higher than the LOWEST ranked FBS defense LSU has played. So what do we really know about this team?

I mean, undoubtedly they're talented. But looking at UGAs numbers prior playing is (and since), they're right there with the GumpTurds. Are we a more disruptive defense than our numbers show? 

On offense, although we've had questions on the OL, we're definitely the best OL they have faced. 

Look, I don't claim to know how this game will go, but I refuse to believe they're going to come here and whip our asses.

I believe this is gonna be a damn good game!

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FH, I would give you 4 or 5 likes for the original post if I could.  Scott Van Pelt of sportscenter just said he's not predicting a Tiger win, but he believes that LSU will not be intimidated.  Playing at home will help the Tigers.  SVP said he just wants to see somebody force GumpTurds to work to win a game, and LSU appears to be the only team on their schedule with the ability to do that, and it starts at the line of scrimmage.

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that’s actually what makes this game so hard to call. 

we know their offense is good. i don’t care how weak your schedule was, you don’t consistently demolish people if you aren’t really damn good. 

what we don’t know is if they’re just really good, or all-time great level good. 

and we won’t know that until Saturday night. 

if they’re just really good, our D can keep this a game. 

if they’re all-time great level, i don’t know if we have the offense to keep up, because they’ll still get theirs even against our D. 

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