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in 2015 everybody wanted a coaching change. the on field results simply weren’t good enough. 

here were this on field results.

9-3 record  

a loss to #1 Alabama

a loss to 9-3 Ole Piss

a loss to 8-4 Arkansas

Offense averaged 32 points per game and 437 yards per game.  This was without the benefit of a 38 overtime game and a 1-AA patsy (McNeese game cancelled)


fast forward to 2018

9-3 record

a loss to #1 Alabama

a loss to 9-3 Florida

a loss to 8-4 A&M

Offense averaging 31pts per game and 389 yards per game. 


this is NOT an improvement. by any definition of the word. 

this was a fireable offense just 2.5 years ago. 

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oh an before anybody spouts the 7-5 projections, let’s continue to look at reality. 

Miami and Auburn were both projected as top 10. They both have 5 losses and turned out to be crap!

thise two wins are not entirely due to us overachieving.  they are bare minimum at least partially due to those 2 teams sucking monkey ass. 

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in 2.5 years, we have:

the worst loss in 100+ year history of Miss St series

first ever loss to a team from the Sunbelt

most lopsided loss to Alabama in 15 years

first loss to A&M since they joined the SEC. 

the lowest total score across 3 games against Alabama since the 1930s. 

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oh and to the “he needs time” people:

Jimbo and Mullen both have their schools notably better than their predecessors and are only in year 1. 

in year 2, Kirby Smart had UGA in the national championship game. 

O took over a situation that was at absolute worst equal to UGA situation, and inarguably better than A&M or Florida. 

Herman has more wins in year 2 (and in conference championship game) than they had in the last 6 years. 

O definitely took over in a better spot than Herman did. 

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