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So I decided to start a thread because well, I need to femaledog and moan.

Yesterday I am watching FoxNews Sunday and my TV goes black.  Called DirecTV and fight with the woman for an hour to try to get her to send me a new box so have to ask for a Supervisor who said he was sending it out.  So no TV last nite.  At some point in the evening, I heard a loud crash.  Went outside in backyard to look but couldn't find anything. 

So this morning I decide to try the TV one more time and it now says it can't find the satellite.  So I go outside and discovered what the crash was.  My neighbor's dead tree fell on my house and wiped out my satellite and fence. 

I cant get DirectTV there at a time I can be there so had to find someone who will go to my house to be there and then I leave for WDW on Thursday.

And I had to come to work to listen to Aggie gloating.


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