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How did you enjoy the 2018 season?


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I enjoyed it, especially early in the season.  After most predictions that LSU would finish 8 -4 or 7 - 5, and 5th in the West, it was particularly fun to beat Miami and Auburn.  Our best win of the year was over Georgia (#2 at the time), giving them their only loss of the year, so far.

Joe Burrow was a very good "get" for the program, and I thank him for choosing to come to LSU.  He seems smart and mentally tough and he provided good leadership for the team.  Our failure to recruit for 2 years at the running back position left us thinner than usual.  Brossette gave us all he had, but the run game was not up to our usual standard.  Confusion on the o-line contributed, and created problems in pass protection.  Justin Jefferson gave us some consistency at WR, but this position was supposed to be the strength of the team and the group lacked consistency.  The WR made some great catches, but they dropped some easy catches.  For LSU to improve, they have to get better on offense.

On defense, that was the strength of the team.  The d-line had improved depth over 2017 which helped and they were solid across the front.  Not dominant, but solid.  The linebackers were very good, led by Devin White and Jacob Phillips.  The secondary was very good, and Kristian Fulton was a savior, getting him on the field.  With Greedy and Grant Delpit back there, it was DBU again.

I picked this club to finish 9 - 3, and they did.  I picked them to lose to Ga., and win over A&M, and if they had just beat A&M, they would have exceeded my expectations.

The year had its frustrating moments, but overall, the team exceeded expectations and I enjoyed watching them play.

So, how did you experience the year, now that we can look back on it?

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we finished roughly where i figured we would record wise. 

i was 8-4/9-3. 

Auburn was a question mark for me, because they seem to rotate year to year as being really good and really average. Never really know how they’ll be. lol. 

flip-flop UGA and Florida results and i would have picked the 3 losses correctly. 

i like Burrow. he’s a warrior. 

but i don’t think he’s our savior. maybe in an Urban Meyer type system he could be. 

Brossette was ok. Probably over achieved for himself, but was below what LSU has come to expect over the last decade plus.  Especially if we’re going to continue with this type of offense, we need a stud back there.

Defense once again was good enough for a playoff run. 

Offense once again is the reason we’re not in the playoffs. 


the O extension that will be announced before signing day is what brings this season down though. 

no this season (and last) are not reasons to be fired. i’m not saying that at all. 

but they definitely are not reasons to get extended (and probably a raise) either. 

this was basically a “status quo” season. 

so everyone involved’s contracts should also remain “status quo”. 

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I enjoyed bits and pieces. Certainly early on shutting up that 6-6 crowd. Miami was a great game to attend. 

I really (before the season) didn't see us coming out of AU with a win, and Cole was awesome. 

UF was in a way demoralizing, but I realize the swamp ain't an easy win. 

UGA was incredible... wish I could've been there! Atkins fighting for that fumble was epic. 

Kinda downhill from there. Although as much as it sucked, the TAMU game was historic, a complete roller coaster of emotions. I hate that we lost, but we likely found a rival. 

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I picked 10-2, a loss to InbredGumps and UGA. All in all, lots better than most picked. Where we go from here? The off season will tell a bunch. Like Fish said, the Miami game was one of the better attended. I figure the UT this coming season will be one to start showing a little as to how the season will play out. 

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