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Drake Quibodeaux


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A friend of mine sent me this link. Drake is an 8 year boy and LSU fan living in Vinton La.  He has been diagnosed with a terminal brain tumor.  Doesn't want much, simply asked his mom that he be sent some, 190 to be exact,  Christmas cards:

Drake has already gotten six cards and he’s excited to get more.

“How many do you want to get? (Drake:) ’190.' 190. He wants 190 cards; is his goal,” Quibodeaux said. “We tape them to our front door. He just looks at them and says ‘They love me so much mama.’ he says. I’m like ‘yes baby.’”



So here is where you are going to send your card:

Drake Quibodeaux

2412 Hwy 388

Vinton, LA, 70668



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