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LSU Baseball roster going forward...


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Not going to get too much into the actual season that just happened, good, bad, coaching decisions, players, etc.

purpose of this is who do we lose and who do we keep?
and not going to take any guess on incoming players yet (freshmen, transfers, etc.)
Also, really only going to dive into the guys that were regular contributors this year.

Definitely Gone:
Ma'Khail Hilliard 
Devin Fontenot 
Trent Vietmeier

All of these guys have been Tigers through and through for what feels like a decade, and are out of eligibility. Thank you for your service gentlemen and good luck going forward.

Realistically Gone:
Jacob Berry
Cade Doughty

Pretty much only way either of these guys come back is if MLB completely cancels entire draft and doesn't allow incoming prospects. 

Possibly Gone / Possibly Back:
Gavin Dugas

My gut is that after an injury plagued year with numbers below what was expected, he'll be back.

Draft Eligible but not going anywhere:
Alex Milazzo

Not Draft eligible (not guessing on transfer possibilities):
Dylan Crews
Ty Floyd
Jordan Thompson
Tre' Morgan
Riley Cooper
Garrett Edwards
Blake Money
Will Hellmers
Javen Coleman**
Josh Pearson
Josh Stevenson
Samuel Dutton
Grant Taylor

Don't know if we keep everyone, process some, lose some to transfer, etc. but this is a very promising core that could all return and contribute significantly.
**Javen Coleman injured his UCL in February. I have been unable to confirm when (or even if) he had Tommy John to repair it. IF he had the surgery, 12 month from surgery date is likely the absolute minimum amount of time he would miss before pitching again.  So the "when" becomes a pretty big factor in his availability to contribute at least first half of next season.


.....more in next post

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and finally the question marks.

the following is a list of guys that are all draft eligible.
I'm not prepared to make many assumptions as to who goes/stays at this time.

Brayden Jobert
Collier Cranford
Bryce Collins
Eric Reyzelman
Jacob Hasty
Hayden Travinski
Drew Bianco
Giovanni DiGiacomo
Paul Gervase
Jack Merrifield
Tyler McManus (grad student, but i believe has one more year available to him)
Cade Beloso


some big names in that list.
most of their decisions will boil down to:
Draft slot, NIL deals, projected spot on roster, etc.

Jobert, Collins, Toe Tap, and Randy Johnson Jr. are the ones I'm most concerned about and have very little confidence we can retain. But NIL changes everything, so whop the hell know how this plays out with them.

Cade Beloso not playing all year has me leaning toward him returning (he was slotted to be starter at DH this year)

I think Bianco and Gio have probably played their last games here.



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