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I missed out on a lot of the things that occurred surrounding President Bush's funeral.  But I did have a bird's eye view of the flyover yesterday from the office windows.  The whole clinic stopped to watch I think.  We also did a moment of silence when he arrived in CS.  I was flying back from Orlando Wednesday so I missed seeing the Air Force 1 flyover and tip the wing to his burial site but they saw it also from our windows.  It was really cloudy yesterday so the planes did n to show up in the pictures I tried to take.  But I was thankful to be able to see what I did see and to honor him with the moment of silence.  

Would have loved to go meet the train but they don't close medical clinics for much of anything.  Schools were closed and a lot of businesses let out early.  I will go visit the gravesite in a few weeks I think.

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