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Is College Football Becoming the NFL?


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One of our local sports radio guys on 103.7 was interviewing somebody (didn't get his name but he has written articles for ESPN about college football) at SEC Media days this morning.  The discussion turned to conferences and the interviewee said its looking to him like there are going to be 2 super conferences: SEC and Big 10 with as many as 20 teams in each conference and 4 divisions in each conference. He perceives that both conferences aren't done adding teams and that both the ACC and Pac 12 will lose teams. He made the point that with the transfer portal, NIL, 2 super conferences w/ multiple divisions and the likely expansion of the CFP to a number that will give top teams a bye, college football will, in short order, very much resemble the NFL. And with that he believes conference championships either won't take place or if they do will be meaningless.  He called it all the death of college football. 

For me add to this the circus recruiting has become and the landscape of college football has certainly changed. I still enjoy it at this point. I'm going to keep my season tickets for the next 2 years and then reevaluate keeping them or watching the game from the comfort of my own patio.  Except for last year, I have had a tailgate (some of you have been) for 20+ years.  I want to see first hand what a Brian Kelly coached LSU team looks like. At present I'm for the most part blocking out all the "noise" that is making college football feel like the NFL. I used keep tabs on all of the SEC teams and the primary teams from other conferences. Right now the only team I focus on is LSU.   I'm sure there are plenty of fans who welcome the change and enjoy what the sport is becoming. And good for them. To each his own. 

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