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Tre Bradford Re-Enrolls at LSU. Sophomore running back Kevontre Bradford re-enrolled at LSU yesterday and has rejoined the football team as first reported by Billy Embody of 247Sports. Bradford transferred from LSU in June and enrolled at Oklahoma.

Now looks like Bradford is off the team again. 

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3 hours ago, Nutriaitch said:


Jalen Mills


I remember when he signed, one of the paid scouts said, “ I don’t know which freshmen will play, but one for sure to get a Red-Shirt, Jalen Mills!” 

Mills played at a high school in Tx, the other DB, was rated higher, signed with UTx. That kid barely saw the field, ended up transferring. Mills, has been one to follow. Great player at LSU and the Pros. 

The guy has a Super Bowl ring!


Mills started all 13 games at cornerback his true freshman year at LSU in 2012, recording 57 tackles and two interceptions. As sophomore in 2013, he again started all 13 games, recording 67 tackles, three interceptions, and three sacks. As a junior in 2014, he started 12 games at safety and one at cornerback. He finished the season with 62 tackles and one interception. As a senior in 2015, Mills missed the first six games due to injury. Despite the missed time, he was named a 2015 All-American by CBS Sports.”


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I was at the "orange throwing game" in '82 when LSU beat the snot out of Fla. State, what was it, 55-21.  It wasn't that close.  If LSU won, they were going to the Orange Bowl.  LSU had a strong running game, Hilliard and Gary James.  When LSU got up by 14, after the TD, some oranges were thrown on the field.  Crowd warned of unsportsmanlike penalty.  LSU scored again, more and more oranges, LSU penalized 15 yards on the kickoff.  Now crowd is pissed at refs.  I don't think FSU score, LSU scored.  Then tons or oranges, and crowd targeted refs.  Refs move to middle of the field on the 50.  Many sideline workers and LSU players go on the field to pick up oranges and throw them over by the stands.  LSU penalized 30 yards, kick off and FSU has the ball at the LSU 40, FSU scored.  Crowd calmed down a bit.  I was amazed in the second half, after a late LSU TD, I was amazed anyone had oranges left, but a ton more rained down on the field.  Tiger Stadium smelled like an orange right under your nose.

In the second half, they just pounded FSU, like 10 straight running plays with Hilliard, TD.  Next drive, 10 straight running plays to James, TD.

IIRC we played Nebraska in the Orange, lost like 17 - 12.  Nebraska had a powerful team, outweighted LSU on both LOS.

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