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2015 LSU Football Signing Class


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A little look back at a former class, where are they now?


In the class Les signed 25 players, 12 had moved on.

*Kevin Toliver UDFA with the Bears.

*Maea Teuhema, Transferred out.

*Tyron Johnson, Trans, Oklahoma St.

*Derrius Guice, Drafted

*Arden Key, still on team.

Jeremy Cutrer, never made it to school.

Donte Jackson, Drafted.

Chidi Okiki, Trans, to Tenn St.

Tody Weathersby, UDFA.

Nick Brosette, Sr this year, waiting on draft.

Xavier Lewis, Trans.

Derrick Dillon, Sr next year, still with team.

David Ducre, Sr this year.

Brandon Martin, Never on roster.

Jazz Ferguson, Trans to NW St.

George Brown, Trans to Miami. On the roster for the opening game against LSU.

Adrian Magee, Sr next season.

Isaiah Washington, Trans.

By'Kiethon Mouton, Trans.

Hanner Shipley, Trans to La. Tech. on roster this year.

Justin McMillon, Trans.

Lanard Fournette, Sr next season.

Blake Ferguson, Sr next season.

Foster Moreau, Sr this year.

Josh Growden, Sr next season.





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