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Gameday Tigers

Our opponent this week....


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F*ck Them!
F*ck all of them.

F*ck their coaches, their players, their fans.
F*ck every one of those self righteous arrogant cheating @ssholes.
And while we're at it, f*ck everyone in that godforsaken sh!thole state of Alabama that they call home.

Bunch of low rent disorganized rednecks.

They're f*cking Wisconsin. Except Wisconsin at least produces beer, cheese, and Harleys.
Auburn exports absolutely nothing of value to the rest of the world.

Just a backwoods pile of rotting buffalo sh!t in West Georgia.

This is a team that calls themselves a "Traditional Power" in the SEC even though they can't even claim an all-time winning record against Vandy.
Even goddamn Tulane has an all-time winning record against F*cking Vanderbilt.
Oh wait, Auburn is sub .500 against mother f*cking TULANE!!!

How the fornicate is that even possible?!!?
Kentucky doesn't even know what a f*cking football looks like and they don't have losing records against either of those schools.



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Nootch been writing articles?

But it’s not just LSU that hates Auburn. Everybody hates Auburn. It’s the one thing Florida and Georgia fans agree on. It’s the one thing we agree with Alabama fans about. Auburn is so loathsome that Reuben Foster has an Auburn tattoo and when given the choice, he went to Bama.


I mean, usually when a team is this despised across the board it is because of their enviable success. What makes us hate Bama other than their near obsessive dedication to humorlessness, is their depressing domination of college football. They are the Evil Empire, worth hating with every fiber of your being so that you can topple their repressive regime.

Auburn doesn’t even have that going for them. They are the quintessential Little Brother program, defined solely by how they reflect their more accomplished Big Brother, Bama. Even Texas A&M had the self-respect to break out of Texas’ shadow and define themselves on their own terms. But not Auburn. They continue in their steadfast tradition of being Diet Bama.


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10 hours ago, Nutriaitch said:

hadn’t mentioned her in a while, but i wonder whatever happened to that fat bearded bitch at that gas station in Opelika back in ‘95ish. 

curious if that herpes outbreak ever busted its way through her mustache yet. 


but fornicate that disgusting whore too. 

I haven’t heard this story.  

Should I open this can of worms? ?

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not much of a story really. 

me and my dad was on way home from running a load of cattle to georgia. 

passing through Opelika at around 6am or. it’s 14° outside and I just finished pumping 40 gallons of Diesel in his truck. 

go inside to grab some snacks and drinks. 

im the only sumbitch in there. 

this greasy thing with a beard (makes Mama June look like Cindy Crawford) is just straight acting like i’m not even there. 

so i kinda clear my throat and wait a lil longer. still nothing. 

say “excuse me”, and she looks up and disgustedly says “what!”

tell her i’m ready to check out. 

and this whore says “we don’t serve LSU fans here” (was wearing LSU hoodie and hat). 

so i tell her “that’s your call, but i already got 2 full tanks of diesel, and i’m walking outta here with this stuff too.”

she says she’ll call the cops. 

and i said go for it. your stupid ass just told me you wasn’t selling me the stuff i already had. so it ain’t stealing now. you gave it to me. bitch. 

and yes i walked right out of that place and drove away while she just watched with a dumber than normal look on her face. 

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