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Something I Noticed re: Offense-Not Going Fast


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If you recall a few games ago, the commentators kept noting how when LSU snapped the ball with 15 or more seconds left on the play clock, we were more successful.  It was noticeable, for sure.  

Kelly mentioned when you go fast, there's not as much time to "think" and it's just players making plays.  

McElroy called it "paralysis by analysis" (he actually said by OVERanalysis because he's a dumb gump, but I knew what he meant)

I've noticed in the last two games, especially late, LSU is NOT going fast.  Jayden is calling for the ball with less than 5 seconds on the play clock.  And he along with the offense in general are incredibly successful despite not going fast, which seemed to be a requirement for success just a few weeks back. 

What's changed?  I have my own thoughts, but what's yours?  Have you noticed it too?

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1 hour ago, Hatchertiger said:

I read somewhere where Kelly said it is due to the fact that JD is more comfortable with the offense now and that they don't have to go fast to succeed but can chose to change gears when the situation dictates.

No doubt that's part of it at least.  

I think the conditioning of the team and the way they're still seemingly full strength late in games has something to do with it too.  They imposed their will against Ole Miss late.  

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I think Joe Sloan, Mike Denbrock and Brian Kelly have been talking (coaching) to Jayden since the first game and telling him if he wants to effectively lead this team, he has to stress the passing game more and use his weapons, Boutte, Nabers, Bech, Brian Thomas, Jaray Jenkins.  He's been COACHED to go through his progression first and not look to run first.  And its working.  I think his receivers have given him some feedback and he realizes if everyone says the same thing, maybe they are right.  I think if he sits in his room at night and asks himself, do I want a career in the NFL and what do I have to do to get it, he would understand that he needs to be more effective in the passing attack than he was weeks one through four.

When the coaches, the receivers, and you yourself all think you need to change, the switch in your head flips, and its "alright, I have to change to achieve my goals".

I have the coaches here, I have the receivers here, and I came here to elevate my game.

Make the change, and get on with it!!!


From the outside, it looks to me like a lot of good is happening inside the program.

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