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Face Value...a Football Synopsis


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It's basketball season and the Tigers are the hot surprise team in the SEC, gaining traction nationally. 

Baseball season is around the corner, and the Tigers are #1-2 depending on publication, great season upcoming. 

LSU gymnastics is again kicking arse and taking names, filling the PMAC. 

All that said, evidently nobody cares about those sports, so let's talk football. 


There is a lot to be happy about regarding LSU Football. The Fiesta Bowl that many said was not important, including Greedy Williams, turned out to be pretty important in the grand scheme of things.  LSU finished the season ranked #6 in the country, it's best finishing ranking since 2011 when it finished #2 after falling to Alabama in the infamous rematch for the NC. 

LSU recruiting is on track to finish top 5 in the country, although there's still 6 spots to be filled.  It's possible the Tigers wind up as high as 3, or as low as 8.  A vast improvement from last year's class, either way.  Needs are being met, although it's very important Coach O and company secure at least one DE on NSD, February 6th 2019.  

The addition of analyst/passing game coordinator Joe Brady could be a HUGE development.  Brady brings with him a young vibrant personality that should translate well to recruiting, but as young as he is, he has skins on the wall having worked with the New Orleans Saints and implementation of the RPO (see Taysom Hill with the Saints).  It's absolutely vital the Tigers move into the 21st century offensively if they are to compete with Alabama in the West.  What we've been doing for the past 15 years isn't getting it done, and I take the hiring of Brady as a sign of change towards that goal. 

Coach O has exceeded expectations and is gaining respect from both Tiger fans and nationally.  A tough task considering his past history as a HC in the SEC-W, and having to replace a very successful coach in Les Miles.  He will have to continue to adapt and at some point must focus his attention on the offense.  Again, the addition of Brady seems to be a sign he's aware things have to change, but until we actually SEE the change on the field, this will continue to be a concern. 

LSU has a way of landing in some HUGE early season matchups, and 2019 is no exception.  LSU will travel to Austin TX to face the Texas Longhorns in September, the first of a home and home vs the Longhorns.  The HC a lot of Tiger fans wanted is on the opposing sideline, and much like Orgeron has LSU trending up, Tom Hermann has TX pointed in the right direction, both on the field following a curb stomping of UGA in the Sugar Bowl, and on the recruiting trail, with a top 10 class virtually assured at this point.  

This will be an awesome way to start the season and has the potential to set the tone for each team's 2019.  Gonna be a fun year with a Senior QB and a bunch of returning talent at WR, along with the addition of two of the best RBs in the 2019 class, including #1 John Emery.  Stingley is the guy I'm ready to see in action, though.  He will start EARLY at CB for DBU, but more intriguing is having a guy with his off the charts skill set returning punts.  LSU greatly missed a strong punt return game last season, with that position costing us the TAMU game due to a muff by Justin Jefferson, who had replaced the inept Jonathan Giles.  Stingley should not only secure the spot, but actually be a WEAPON back there. 

Looking forward to a strong finish in recruiting and a great 2019!!

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I am still not on the O bandwagon, but I sure will support the team.  I am still not happy about the OC situation but am hopeful Brady will help in some way.  Love Burrow but if Brennan doesn't get some time this year, we will be right back where we always are the following year

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15 hours ago, dachsie said:

Love Burrow but if Brennan doesn't get some time this year, we will be right back where we always are the following year

I wouldn't hold my breath. Staff seems to be leaning towards RPO guys and Brennan is anything but that. Peter Parrish wil have something to say about Brennan in 2020, and Finley is of the same mold. 

Parrish 6'1" 200

Finley 6'6" 230

Brennan 6'5" 185... just too skinny for SEC play

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