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PNC Golf Tourney - family thing


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I always enjoy this tournament, fathers play with young sons, or PGA stars play with their Dads.  Scramble format.  John Daly and his son won it last year.  Gary Player is playing with his grandson, Gary is 87 years old.  Lee Trevino is playing with his grandson, Lee is 83, said he still practices one or two hours a day, hits a few full shots, works mostly on his short game and putting, said he seldom plays a full round of golf and he gets worse every year (I can identify with that).  They asked Lee why he still practices an hour a day, and he said he was never good at anything else.  Anika Sorenstam is playing with her 11 year old son, she kept him out last year but he wanted to play.  Tiger is playing with his son Charlie for the second or third year, son is 14 now, grew a lot from last year.  They are playing with 4 sets of tees, 9 players are playing from the PGA (back) tees.  Charlie is playing from the set of tees just in front of the PGA tees.  Notable absence, Jack Nicklaus; he played with his grandson two years ago.  Jack is 82, had a hip replaced maybe 10 years ago.  He has trouble bending over to put his ball on a tee, or to pick his ball up on the green.


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Tomorrow will be a sad day for NBC Golf.  It will be the last round for Gary Koch & Roger Maltbie.  In my last job I traveled quite a bit world wide.  I had a bunch of frequent flyer miles.  I was on a business trip from Denver to San Jose.  I got an upgrade to first and lo & behold who was I seated next to.  Roger.  We told a bunch of stories and drank a whole lot of liquor.  When I checked in at the rental car desk I told them I was in no shape to drive, in case it wasn't obvious, and asked if they could have someone drive my car to the hotel which was near the airport.  They gladly obliged.  NBC Golf won't be the same without Gary & Roger.

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