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Chris Reid Back On The Team


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Why LSU is bringing Chris Reid back 5 months after being taken off the team

Updated Feb 1, 5:09 PMPosted Feb 1, 5:07 PM
LSU infielder Chris Reid (17) celebrates against Southeastern Louisiana at Alex Box Stadium in Baton Rouge, La. Sunday, March 4, 2018. (Photo by Whitney Williston)
LSU infielder Chris Reid (17) celebrates against Southeastern Louisiana at Alex Box Stadium in Baton Rouge, La. Sunday, March 4, 2018. (Photo by Whitney Williston) ((Photo by Whitney Williston))

Paul Mainieri made a phone call this week he regrets having the need to make.

The LSU baseball coach wasn’t happy with his infield depth, and he turned to the man he got rid of just five months earlier.

Mainieri had to remove three-year contributing infielder Chris Reid on Aug. 7 to get closer to reaching the 35-man roster limit. Reid went on with his life. He stayed at LSU. He played basketball at the UREC.

Then, Mainieri gave Reid a call this week. Reid was hurt when he was taken off the team, and now the Tigers need him. Mainieri asked him to re-join LSU.

“There were some things he had to work through emotionally, mentally and logistically,” Mainieri said, “but now he’s made the decision to rejoin the team and I couldn’t be happier.”


LSU pitcher AJ Labas out for season, Chris Reid returning to team


Reid accepted the offer, and he’ll return to the program by Saturday’s practice (Feb. 2). To make room for Reid, Mainieri took former Tulane-transfer Michael Kirsch off the team.

Why make the move? Why bring Reid back?

Mainieri has the majority of his starting infield down. Josh Smith will be the starting shortstop, Brandt Broussard will start at second base and Hal Hughes will take third. First base is up in the air, but four freshmen will likely share time there.

In the fall, Mainieri might have thought freshmen like Drew Bianco and Gavin Dugas would fight for time at third and second base. It hasn’t turned out that way.

“I was very concerned about the depth on the left side of the infield,” Mainieri said. “I’m really high on Drew Bianco and Gavin Dugas, and I think they’re going to be really nice players, but I’m concerned about their readiness to play on the left side of the infield.”

Mainieri wondered what would happen if somebody became injured. What if somebody needed a break? What if he wanted to make a strategic move?

“I really didn’t feel we had an adequate back-up for the left side of the infield,” he said. “I know Chris Reid can make the routine plays and can give you a professional at-bat.”


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Reid hit .275 (69-for-251) in his first three seasons at LSU with 10 doubles, one triple, one homer and 24 RBI. He has played in 126 games with 67 starts, primarily at third base.

He started 47 games as a freshman but became more of a rotation player the past two years.

The decision to remove him came down to the NCAA’s 35-man roster limit. Mainieri’s made clear many times he isn’t a fan of the rule.

“I have to tell you, probably the most difficult aspect of my job is managing this roster since they put the rule in 10 years ago,” Mainieri said.

Now, Reid will give depth in the infield and give LSU options as the season goes on. Plus, he’s a well-liked player by teammates and fans. The locker room shared some smiles when Mainieri announced the move.

“I hate to say I made a mistake with the decision, because our intentions were good, but we rectified a situation that probably shouldn’t have happened in the first place.

“I’m man enough to say I made a mistake there, and I wanted him to come back.”

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