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Official Early Signing Day Thread Class of 2023


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Here are the expected signing times as they are known to ya boy.  Purple indicates OFFICIAL TIGER.  

The bottom 3 names, my guesses...

Isaac Smith to Mississippi State.  Just too hard to get a kid from Ittawamba, MS out of state.
Ka'Morreun Pimpton...likely a Tiger
Desmond Ricks (no relation to he who shall not be named)-Tiger, but announcing tomorrow

1. ***Ashton Stamps  CB
2. ****Whit Weeks LB – early a.m. CT
3. ***Michael Daugherty S- 7 a.m. CT
4. ****Jalen Brown WR
5. ****Rickie Collins QB
6. ****Kyle Parker WR - 7 a.m./4 p.m. CT
7. ***Dylan Carpenter DE (Edge)
8. *****Zalance Heard OL- 9:30 a.m. CT
9. ****Mac Markway TE – 9:30 a.m. CT
10. ****DJ Chester OL – 9: 30 a.m. CT
11. ****Khai Prean WR
12. ***Jackson McGohan TE
13. ***Ryan Yaites S
14. ****Trey Holly RB 

15. ****Tyree Adams OL
16. ***Jeremiah Hughes CB
17. ****(*)Dashawn Womack DE
18. ****Kylin Jackson S
19.  ****(*) Javien Toviano S

20. ****Jaxon Howard DE (Edge)
21. ****Kaleb Jackson RB
22. ****Christian Brathwaite LB
23. ****(*) Sheldon Sampson WR
24. ****Ka'Morreun Pimpton TE
25.Paul Mubenga OL

Desmond Ricks - 4:30 p.m. CT (Thursday)

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  • Fishhead pinned and featured this topic
1 minute ago, Fishhead said:

There's literally an entire running thread that has likely been up and stickied for 2 years.  Do better, Nootch

or, you could apply the necessary effort to perform the 6 extra key strokes (including spaces) it takes to include the info on the list of signees.



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8 minutes ago, Fishhead said:

Since you're clearly off work today, have at it lol

i'm at work right now actually.

7 minutes ago, Fishhead said:

Seriously though, do you not recall there will be a detailed follow up thread entitled something along the lines of "It's Time to Open The Presents"?  
What's it been?  11 or 12 years straight??

yeah, that one usually has some sort of break down.

this one is just a list.  with info.

4 minutes ago, Fishhead said:

Jalen Brown now official

4* WR Receiver out of south Florida, likes peaceful walks down the beach at sunset and is looking forward to Louisiana cooking


There you go, Nootch

sounds soft need a guy with killer instinct.
hopefully next one "enjoys wrestling alligators in the swamp and stabbing them in the eyes with a deer antler he ripped off with his bare hands the day before"

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Here, Nootch

Jalen Brown

Big play wide receiver who is one of the top deep threats in the 2023 cycle. Shows the ability to consistently separate and win on vertical routes. Transfers his sub 10.7 second speed in the 100 meters over to the football field. A smooth, fluid mover who shows signs of changing speeds mid-route. Also shows the ability to track and locate the ball over his shoulder. Makes some grabs with his arms extended. Productive as a junior with over 1,000 yards, 11 touchdowns while averaging over 18 yards per catch. Needs to continue adding to his route tree as he mainly wins on vertical routes to this point. – Charles Power

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