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2022 - 2023 Bowl season


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so bowls not involving us might be somewhat entertaining this year especially next few days thanks the Siberia loaning us their weather.

tonight in Fort Worth (Baylor vs Air Force)
13° with 22mph winds (gusts up around 40mph) producing windchills around -13°.  Currently snowing, so field may be slick/icy

tomorrow in Shreveport (Houston vs USL)
23° winds in mid teens with gusts into low 30s. Windchill around 6°


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10 hours ago, dachsie said:

Yea - I was kinda surprised Baylor is doing so poorly.


the weather heavily benefitted Air Force.

nobody is going to confuse Baylor for an Air Raid team, but they do pass the ball about 45% of the time. So they need it to balance out and offset their offense.

Air Force is the most ground heavy team i've seen in a long time. They seriously run the ball over 90% of the time. It's all they do.  Despite already playing an extra game, they've still thrown it 20 times fewer than the team with the next fewest passes in the country.

bitterly cold temps, very windy (gusts into the 40s).
you have to run the ball. Air Force does that as well as anyone else.

plus they run a Flex Bone style option.  If executed properly, it's hard to stop.
especially since you rarely see it any more.

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