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Believe it or not, I like O. I really do. His personality is amazing and I know he could make me run through a brick wall, or die trying. 

That said...

He's gotta start walking the walk when he talks the talk. 

Miles needed to go. But when he absolutely campaigned for the job and somehow got it,  O himself said it was NOT a rebuild. He said that, then when things didn't go like he said they would, the narrative became "Miles left the cupboard bare in the trenches". 

The biggest selling point for O as HC was recruiting. Supposedly his strong point. 

This is Os own words after being blanked by InbredGumps in November, again...

"We've got to recruit better defensive linemen," Orgeron said. "I got to get defensive linemen like them"

Yet with numerous elite targets available, we get a 3* JUCO rush end that is great for depth and all, but that's it. That's all we got. 

Ika? Phenomenal get. But is he ready? Maybe. If he is, look out. But he's 380 lbs and from a dry area. We'll see I guess, but imo he's gotta drop a ton of weight. 

Evans has potential, but not likely to contribute next season. 

Fonua, I think he's a player, but 2 years is all ya get. 

InbredGumps signed DL they didn't even need. I swear this is like Bear Bryant era shyte. Signing kids just to keep them away from the competition. 


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