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Gameday Tigers

[Gymnastics] 1/8/19 LSU at UK 7:30pmCT SECN


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9.650  Harrold (Stepped out end 2nd tumbling run 0.10 deduction) wow we’re being scored very low all the way around tonight!

9.800  Desiderio Better routine than score reflects judges are UK homers

9.825  Campbell shoulda been at LEAST 9.875

9.700  Edney (Fork! Stepped out! 0.10 deduction)

9.925  Finnegan (should’ve been a 10.0!!!)

9.725  Kelley (another OOB! FMD!)

Floor total: 48.900

After 3:

146.650  LSU

147.925  UK

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This will be the first ‘below 196.00’ score in a couple or mor years......

9.850  Desiderio

9.875  Dean

9.850  Kelley

9.775  Edney

9.875  Campbell

9.925  Finnegan

Beam total: 49.375

After 4 & Final

196.025  LSU

197.150  UK

first loss to UK since 2011....


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