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The Masters


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Hello Friends!!!

A tradition unlike any other.

How many golfers do we have on the board beside myself?  I've been watching the tournament since 1972 when I returned to the States from a 2 year tour in Japan.

I'm stocked up on food & beverages.  And the good thing is the wife knows that I don't require anything else while the tournament is being broadcast.





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I'm a retired golfer.  I played up until Covid, then took off two years.  When I went back to the driving range, my back is too stiff to play.  I go to the driving range occasionally, just to re-verify that I can't hit the ball reliably.  I slice a bunch, hit fat, top some, and an occasional duck hook.  I view it as aerobics now. 

On TV, I only watch the majors, and not every day of the tournament.  The masters, I will watch Sat. and Sunday.

I hear about the Liv tour occasionally.  Seems the Saudi's started a tour and they pay the players to play, whether they win or not, they have contracts.  A guy like Mickelson who is too old to score well on the PGA, gets a big fat contract from Liv, based on his name and his past celebrity.  I hear the Liv course set up is not as challenging as PGA, and they play team events.  The announcers say this will not sharpen their game, so they don't think a Liv player will win the Masters.  Dustin Johnson, Brooks Koepka, Bryson DeChambeau play for Liv.


AUGUSTA, Ga. - Jack Nicklaus, Gary Player and Tom Watson will serve as the honorary starters for the 2023 Masters Tournament.

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When I worked offshore (mid-late 90s), I got into golf on my off weeks (worked 14 on and 14 off)

Played 3 or 4 rounds a week for a while and only got so good at it. Decided my time and money would be better spent doing something that

1. I'm better at

2. Never makes me slam my expensive equipment into hard surfaces out of frustration

3. I NEVER regret doing

4. Provides delicious food


So I just go fishing now

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Rahm won, he was solid throughout.  I'm glad he beat Koepka.  Mickelson played great, shot 65 in the final round, oldest player to finish in the top 5 at age 52.  Fred Couples made the cut at age 62, the oldest to ever make the cut.  He missed the last 4 cuts due to health issues, was healthy this year.

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