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Potential Fund Raiser/Raffle---A great cause and a good prize


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I (we) have been gifted 2 seats to the Friday AND Saturday  games against Alabama (baseball, obviously...this will also be in "The Diamond". 

The reason is because there is a beloved member of this forum in need of financial assistance through absolutely no doing of their own, serious health expenses piling up to the point of it's a struggle to keep the lights on.  
I wouldn't ask for straight up donations on a forum because I'm not willing to give more details than I already have, and I don't expect people to be OK with just giving money without more information than I've given.  

HOWEVER, this is something tangible you can win.  Yes, I realize a lot of you live out of town, and likely couldn't make the game if you DID win, but you could give them to friends/family, or even sell them.  I'm in the same boat that I know for a fact I can't make either game, but I'll be buying raffle tickets.  (of course I know the situation and believe it to be a worthy cause)

Here's the details: 

Friday April 29, 2023 

Saturday April 30, 2023

Remember, this is TWO seats for EACH game, so four seats total

I will raffle the Friday and Saturday tickets separately, so to go to both games, you have to win both sets. 

The seats are located down the first base line just beyond 1st base, Sec 204 Row 6 seats 17 & 18, so together. (I've sat in these seats, they're nicely located)

The tickets will be sold at $15 per game, a $36 value at face value. I realize that is not some crazy steal, but it's far better than face value and it's for a good cause. 

In this thread, you can comment if you'd like to purchase tickets, and I'll respond to you with you to purchase via IM.  I will also mark your post "paid" or "purchased XX of tickets", something like that, to keep up. 


Those original members, if you recall, when we started this site we spoke about using it to assist others, especially other members in need, and this is exactly what we had in mind.  Let's make good on that commitment. 

Thank you to the member of GDT that donated the tickets.  Much appreciated!

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  • Fishhead changed the title to Potential Fund Raiser/Raffle---A great cause and a good prize

OK, tomorrow is the day I will be drawing the numbers and will also be distributing the donation. 

To date, we have raised $845

$800 is straight donation,  $45 in raffle tickets purchased (all by the same person).

If you are inclined to donate or purchase raffle tickets, this is last call. Cut off is 12 noon tomorrow, central time. 

I'm overwhelmed by the generosity on display and I know it will be so appreciated, so helpful. 

Thank you!

***Thursday 1 pm update***

$845 total

$45 is for raffle, still time!!

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