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Gameday Tigers

LSU vs Alabama (Game 1 - April 28, 2023)


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The Tide visits The Box for a 3 game set starting tonight at 6:00 PM

Radio / TV:
As usual, 98.1 FM has the radio feed in the Baton Rouge area, or you can hear it for free on the LSUSports app.
SEC Network is carrying tonight's game, or you can find it on the ESPN app as well.

Absolutely BEAUTIFUL night for Baseball at The Box!!
82° at first pitch under crystal clear skies.  Winds trickling in from just left of center at maybe 5mph with an occasional gust reaching all the way up to 6 mph.)% chance of rain at any time tonight.

LSU – Jr. RH Paul Skenes (7-1, 1.97 ERA, 59.1 IP, 12 BB, 115 SO)
UA – So. RH Luke Holman (5-2, 3.15 ERA, 45.2 IP, 18 BB, 53 SO)

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Top 1

Skenes looks like Skenes so far

2 up 2 down 2 Ks...next batter sees about 8 pitches before grounding sharply up the middle into CF, 1 on 2 down

Pitch count is already 22 facing the clean up hitter, strikes him out but takes 23 pitches to do it.  

3 Ks

Bottom 1 coming up

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Bottom 1
Gumps's starter wasn't able to go, I'll get some info.  
It's Banks, 1-0, 2.25 ERA  0.75 WHIP  
23 Ks 3 walks....damn

Dugas  -  Ks on 6 pitches

Morgan  - S, S, Foul, GO 6-3             2 down

Crews  -  S, foul, B, B, B, K

3 up 3 down.   If this was a last minute replacement, damn son


0-0 to the 2nd

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Top 2  

Tamez  -  Foul, S, foul, foul, and the pitch count rises...ugh, B, 1-3, K

Shelton  - Foul, B, S, 1-2, Pop up and Tanks puts it away.   2 down

Rose  - B, S, S, dude completely overmatched by Skenes, foul, B, K! 

5 Ks through 2, and we head to the bottom.  (39 pitches through 2)

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Top 3

1-0 Tigers

First gump - SSS K #6

Johnson - B, B???, S, S (low and away, but whatever), B??????????????,  Foul, 3-2,  single to RF

49 pitches

Next gump - foul, S, 0-2, Pop up to Tanks, 2 down

Next gump - B, B, foul, S, Pop up to Dugas, we're done. 

57 pitches through 3



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I lived

Skenes at 92 pitches through 5, Tigers lead 4-1 still

Heading to the bottom of the 5th

O Malley up - B, B, S, B, B4 walk
Millazo on base 2 times already 
Leadoff gets on scores 68.3748% of the time or something

Dugas coming up, 1 on no outs

Dugas - B, throw over to make sure O Malley ain't stealing..., B, check swing foul, 2-1, popped to RF, 1 down

Morgan - foul, 0-1, base hit slapped to LF, 2 on for Crews with just 1 out. Please walk him...my dude needs more RBI!!

Meeting on the mound 

Crews - B (breaking ball is all he'll see I bet), B close, 2-0, popped him up, dammit, 2 down.  Guess Tanks will only get 3 RBI

Tanks - Strike swinging, another...he ain't getting cheated lol.  0-2, grounds to SS, and we're done.  Kinda feel like that may come back to bite us getting two on with 1 out with this part of the lineup and coming away empty.

To the 6th
Tigers up 4-1


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A little drama in the 6th, but no damage, except to Dugas' fielding %...ugh. 

Skenes after 6, 109 pitches.  MAYBE he starts the 7th?  IDK

Top 7

Cade Beloso (did y'all know we went to the same HS?), 4 pitch walk

JT - first pitch swinging, DOUBLE to LC gap!  Beloso to 3rd AND ACTUALLY MADE IT!

Nobody out, Bear coming up...

Jones - foul 122 mph off the bat, 0-1, B, B, S swinging, not close to it, 2-2, K  1 down, he saw nothing but bendy stuff

Jobert - B, foul tip, 1-1, just hit a damn fly ball or something to the right side, B "up and in", 2-1, B 3-1, wearing the catcher out, S, 3-2, SHALLOW fly, can't get the run in.  Damn 2 down

O'Malley - B, foul 1-1, B, B, Ball 4 and the bases are loaded for Dugas

Pitching change

Dugas - plunked, RBI, 5-1 Tigers with 2 down, bases still loaded

Morgan - S, B, B (checked his swing, BARELY), S swinging through a bender, 2-2, B, 3-2 with nowhere to put him, walk, RBI

Guess who is up with the bases loaded? 
Crews - S swinging through a bender, another, 0-2,  B outside, 1-2, B almost hit him, 2-2, B low, laid off the bender, BALL 4, RBI

Bases still loaded for......

Tanks - ominous music playing as they meet on the mound...
S swinging, DAMN, loud out to LC field, thought it would find the gap

7-1 Tigers, left em loaded.  I was hoping for a granny and we go home with 10 run rule in effect

***BJ Ojulari drafted 2nd round to the Cardinals


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Herring on in relief of Skenes, Nippolt in for Dugas at 2nd

Skenes struck out 9 through 6, no walks

First gump, S, S, B, Fouled back, still 1-2, B high, 2-2, K! 1 down

Next gump, Portera, S, B, threw it to the back stop, almost hit the pitch clock, 1-1, S, 1-2, B BARELY missed, 2-2, K!  2 down

Gump Johnson, foul 0-1, S, 0-2, base hit drops in front of Crews in CF, 1 on 2 down, top of the order up

Lefty gump, S, B, 1-1, S, 1-2, grounder to Nippolt, NICE stop and throws him out at 1st to end the inning

7-1 Tigers to the bottom of the 7th

5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 1, 2, 3 coming up for the Tigers (10 run rule after that)

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Bottom 7

Cade Beloso up (we went to the same high school, FYI)

Cade - S, B, B, 2-1, S (shyte call), 2-2, stays alive 2-2, flared out to LCF, caught for 1 down

JT - S, S swinging his 9 iron, 0-2, B 1-2, HBP (bounced into him) 1 on 1 down

Jones (he's due) - B, B, S 2-1 (swung through best pitch to hit he'll see all night), B, B and 2 on 1 down again

Frey PH for Jobert 
Frey - B, B, 2-0, mound meeting, Sanford and Son theme playing, stays in. B, 3-0, B and the bases are juiced with 1 out

O'Malley (been on base all 3 ABs) - B, B, 2-0 with nowhere to put him, S, 1-2 after 7 straight balls, bunt, beautiful, RBI sac bunt! 8-1

Nippolt up with 2 down, bounces to pitcher and we're done

I think if Dugas stays in we 10 run rule em, but alas, we'll continue to burn their bullpen




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Top 8

Some gump, S, FO 9 1 down

Another gump, S, double off the wall in LC, damn near yanked it. 1 down, 1 on.  (Review, I tihnk it's a homer)
Looks like it hit the top of the fence, stays a double.  Thought it might have hit the fence THEN the handrail...

Next gump, grounds to JT, guns him like a boss, runner to 3rd, 2 down

Another friggin gump, B, foul 1-1, fan drops it and gets booed lol, B, 2-1, B, 3-1, base hit past JT scores a run, 8-2 Tigers

Next gump, S, foul, 0-2, K! 

To the 9th


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Bottom 8  -  LSU 8   Gumps 2

Morgan - foul 0-1, B 1-1, base hit up the middle, 1 on nobody out.  Leadoff scores 67.7341% of the time

Crews - S?????????, S, (this one was), foul, B, 1-2, base hit to CF, he's 2-4 on the night, runners 1st and 2nd, nobody out

Tanks - B, S, foul 1-2, foul, B, 2-2, K   1 down  - I am disappoint

Cade Beloso (I also went to John Curtis)
Cade - S, popcorn, 2 down

JT - B, S, S, 1-2, K and we're done

For scoring 8 runs, we've left a roster on base tonight and really haven't collected many hits.  Oh well



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Herring to finish





Double,  8-3 us 

C'mon Herring, he's battling...

Dammit, Single, 2 score

Next dude rips one to left,  8-5

2 on tying run to the plate

Herring is done.  He hit a damn wall

Collins in

Current gump B, B, S, foul 2-2 with 2 outs, fack, single up the middle, seeing eye variety, 8-6

Their biggest HR threat up
B, B, (looked pretty good but prolly low), B, 3-0...sigh, S, same as ball 2, S, here we go again, GOT HIM!!!!!!!!!

TIGERS WIN!!!!!!!!!


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