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Gameday Tigers

LSU vs Arkansas (SEC Tournament - May 25, 2023)


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a late afternoon affair today from Hoover Met.
LSU vs Arkansas in a winner's bracket game (first pitch scheduled for 4:30pm)

Radio / TV:
98.1 on the FM dial in Baton Rouge area (or on apps like iHeart, etc.) ; channel 374 on the SiriusXM app ; or audio is free on the LSUSports app.
SEC Network is once again carrying all game up until the Championship game.

an absolutely GORGEOUS day for baseball.
85° under clear skies ; winds blowing in from almost dead Center at 7 mph with gusts into the mid teens ; rain chances hovering at zero for the entirety of today

Ark: Hagen Smith (So. LHP) 8-1 ; 2.56 ERA ; 93 K ; 37 BB
LSU: Paul Skenes (Jr. RHP) 10-1 ; 1.76 ERA ; 164 K ; 15 BB

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Top 4

Vibe and Cap'n Morgan start with singles, JT struck out (#8 for Smith)

2 on 1 out, Jobert (Smith is a lefty, not sure why Kling ain't in right)

Neither Jobert nor JT have a clue what Smith is doing with the baseball...K#9

Dugas up...

Foul, 0-1, b 1-1, b, 2-1, b, 3-1, s, 3-2, walked him 

Bases loaded for Milazzo, they're pulling Smith due to pitch count, and that's a huge mistake IMO.  Millazo can't hit Smith and they'd be out of the inning if they let him pitch, but whatever.  Next dude is good too...same two they threw against us game 1 of the Arky series, which they won

Holland in to pitch, bases juiced 2 down

Millazo-B, S, S, wild pitch and The Vibe rumbles in to score!!  Threw it BEHIND Millazo lol.  2-2, K, 3 outs but we pick up another run

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Bottom 4  LSU up 2-0

Wagner- Hit him, 1 on nobody out

Slavens- B, S, S, foul 1-2, base hit up the middle, 2 on nobody out.....ugh

Cali- B, mound chat, S, base hit to right, run scores, 2-1, runners on 1st and 2nd

I'd like an out...

Holt-S, foul, 0-2, foul, ball somewhere, 1-2, ball, Millazo isn't human...what a stop!, another ball, 3-2, foul, foul, still full, foul, another seeing eye single, ugh...

STILL no outs, runners first and second.  Everything they hit is finding a hole, nothing hit hard, but dammit

Some pig: S, S, B, B BARELY low, FO8, 1 out, nobody moves...Cooper warming, not sure if Skenes is on a pitch count but it ain't 74 pitches because he's staying in

Another pig, S, B, foul, 1-2, B somehow, 2-2, B way outside, 3-2, walked him, I'd have to say he's done?  Bases loaded 1 down...still in

Next pig: S, Millazo is a ninja, 1-1, B, 2-1, foul, 2-2, damn they foul off good pitches...fouled off another, his 38th pitch of the inning, AND another....ANOTHER!!, infield fly and there's 2 down

Skenes is done, 88 pitches, leaves bases loaded for Cooper in a tie game

Diggs up-B, B, S, B, nowhere to put him.....S, full count, popped up to JT, we're done.........but wait, there's more.........

CATCHER'S Interference!!  Dammit man.  We can't get out of this inning!!  LSU challenging, easy confirmation.  3-2 Hogs, JJ may get tossed here

Bohrofen: S, friggin seeing eye single past Dugas, 2 score and it's 5-2 Hogs

Wagner batting...again: S, B, B, S, 2-2, B, full count, finally hit one AT someone and Dugas throws out Wagner

But 5 hogs come to market and we're down 5-2 heading to the 5th.  

Top of the order coming up





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