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Changes This Week (football stuff)


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So far I know that Charles will be back on the OL, and not a moment too soon. 

But aside from that, Austin Deculus is going to be starting on the other side.  Hopefully this works out, because he's certainly got the size and agility for it.  Assignments is usually what keeps someone like him off the field. 

Perhaps the most intriguing change is Dare Rosenthal moving to OL.  First time I saw him I thought he HAS to be an offensive tackle.  Didn't take long for this move.  I know he'll have some catching up to do, but I've seen it happen before where it's the best thing to happen to a kid.  Joe Barksdale comes to mind. 

Now for changes I'd LOVE to see. 

They start with playcalling.  Ensminger has GOT to find a way to get the ball out quick.  WR was supposed to be our strength and I still think it is.  But watching replays from the other night, when Hammond High was beating Burrow to death, I noticed the routes the receivers were in.  Noticed a couple things.

1) We went max protect.  I get it...the idea is more guys blocking.  BUT...less guys are in the play as receivers.  I'd prefer stay out of max protect and have more receivers in the play for Joe to have options.  Which brings me to...

2) SHORTEN THE DAMN ROUTES.  While watching, I see max protect and we're holding them off for a few seconds.  A few seconds should be plenty of time to get the ball out.  But not when the couple of receivers in the play are running post and fly routes way the hell down the field.   Where's the quick slants?  Where's the TE taking advantage of a LB?  (he's blocking, that's where he is)

Gotta do more than just "fix the OL" to provide protection for Burrow.  Fix the play calling.

3) I did hear Ensminger say this Sunday night.  Gotta let Joe do some stuff with his legs.  Yeah, "I don't slide" may get him killed.  But watch college football week to week and you see running QBs, or at least "duel threats" that succeed.  IMO these instances are used mainly to mask poor OL play.  When you consider the disparity in college football between the haves and have nots, it's a necessity for teams that don't have 5* OL lining up left and right.  Gotta be more creative in many ways on offense. 

(said every LSU fan for the past decade, I know)

Frick Auburn


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