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Eric Walker and Hal Hughes in transfer portal


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makes sense.

Walker still trying to rebound from Tommy John. Would be a potential STUD at a smaller school. 
wish him the absolute best of luck possible.  Good kid with ton of potential.

Hughes, will be an OK player wherever he goes. Decent glove, but probably not quite good enough to make up for lack of a bat.
If you can't hit, you better be Alex Gonzales with the glove.

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I hope any athlete that enters the transfer portal finds the perfect place for them.

Having said that, I have to wonder if the transfer portal should be deemed 100% invalid right now.

The reason I say that is because - in light of the Covid-19 pandemic - all member institutions that belong to the NCAA are not operating right now. All of the academic classes have been cancelled, all sports have been cancelled, all graduations are cancelled, etc.,.

Therefore, these guys techniclly are not "student athletes" right now and I have to wonder if any legal designations thereof cannot apply (including the transfer portal, prohibitions against them earning money if under scholarship, and any other govcerning rule surrounding any operations of NCAA athletics).

I am not a lawyer and freely admit that I am nothing more than an imbicile with a beer.

However, I can't help but think that right now any and all contractual aspects of college athletics as we know it have been breeched. Universities are currently unable to provide the education, housing, meals, and any other specific details to fulfill their side of the contracts these athletes sign and the athletes cannot provide the athletic skills in any intercollegiate competitions that they agreed to perform in exchange for their scholorships.

I would not be suprised if - legally - all athletic scholorships are currently null and void if this ever goes to court and we potentially could see a "free for all" where any athlete currently under scholorship in any NCAA sport at any level could simply give the NCAA the finger and transfer to any school they want.

I am pretty sure ultimately all NCAA scholorships are contracts that simply can no longer be executed by either party.

Didley poo might blow up and take the NCAA as we know it down with it.

Food for thought.

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