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OL this Weekend


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I dunno if O was playing games or what, but during his "Tell the Truth Monday" presser, he said a couple of these guys were "very questionable". Just a couple days later, this appears to be our lineup for the UF game. Let to right...






I was pretty concerned Monday, but this doesn't scare me. 

Cregg seems to be doing a great job! I hope we can maintain some consistency with the lineup

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Good thing O brought in 2 jr. college guys in Lewis and Traore.  Traore has not impressed to his billing, but he does provide good depth at this point.  With other recruits, we have added DEPTH we sorely missed last year.  That has given the coaches some flexibility to put a good o-line out there despite some injuries.  With O having to replace the o-line coach, it appears he picked a very good one in James Cregg, who spent the last 4 years in the NFL.  Cregg has kept shuffling the lineup, and the line has kept delivering.  Austin Deculus was a prized recruit when we brought him in from my neck of the woods, and it looks like in his soph year, he is what we thought he'd be.

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9 hours ago, Hatchertiger said:

6th different lineup in 6 games. Hopefully Brumfield is back by Inbred Gumps and we don't have anymore injuries.

If the talent and coaching is there, theoretically, we should be able to rotate in and out players at will, keeping the line loaded, rested, and healthy on any given play.

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