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Gameday Tigers

#5 LSU vs FU in the swamp 2:30 CBS


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LSU and FU face off today (assuming no clouds pop up) in Gainesville. It's gonna be hot and humid, and you can bet it's gonna be testy.

FU is still salty on defense, so the LSU offense is gonna need to step it up a notch this week. 

Dan Mullen is still trying to figure out the offense, with FU quite limited in the running game. QB Flip Franks is a jackass with a decent arm. He's easily rattled, but he does have quite a few TDs passing this year. Mind you, he threw a bunch of quick screens last week in an effort to remotely resemble a running game, but facing a serviceable MSU defense, FU had to rely on a trick play to score it's only TD.

I hate FU. Today they face a MUCH more than serviceable defense, and they face what they so desperately wanna be...DBU. I'm hoping for pressure on Franks leading to pastries and THE DBU shutting down these jort wearing scared of rain thug punks. 

Oh, and Mullen, I guarantee we haven't forgotten last year. I like Tim Tebow, but let's go ahead and ruin his ring of honor induction. 

We won't back down!


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Sorry i've been absent since the game. 

Sis in Tallahassee, bro in destin. Bro is currently stuck working in Colorado, been busy arranging to have his jeep and boat yanked out of destin in advance of matthew. His house already had the hatches battened down, but he's about 1000' from the gulf and about 200' from destin harbor. He may just be fricked. JUST remodeled the whole place this spring!

Sis moved to tally 3 weeks ago (from crestview, so fricked either way). Luckily she has the rare tally lot without large trees...

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I was a bit disappointed with the Fla. game, but not too much.  Coming into this season, we had a lot of question marks which is why we were initially ranked so low.  I thought some would come out better than projected, and a few as bad as projected.  Fla. was a good hard fought game between two teams, neither of which has dominating talent with the exception of a few positions.  LSU offensive tackles got abused and Burrow got hurried.  I look at it as a one pt. loss because the pick six was a situation where we had to throw the ball even if the coverage was good.  We were down to do or die, and we got killed.

The character of the team and the coaches will be shown this week.  We have to pick ourselves up, dust ourselves off, and get ready to play again against the #2 team in the country in Tiger Stadium.  That is a challenge, but I think we are capable of an upset if we can hit on all cylinders.

Geaux Tigers! :LSU:

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