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As for the team, hope they're relishing in the victory over UGA today and get that celebration out of their systems.  BIG game Saturday against some more Bulldogs. 

As for us fans, well, we can celebrate a little longer!

First off, I'm going to give big props to Coaches E, A, and O!  Great game plan, and we stuck with it all game long!  

Passing on 1st downs: Incredible attack plan by E.  Forget this line up and run it right at em crap.  It won't work against UF, UGA, MSU, OR Inbred Gumps.  Joe Burrow has established himself as a credible threat along with Jefferson, Chase, Marshall, Moreau, Sullivan, etc....we can be a pass first team!

Hurry up and GEAUX: Loved the hurry up offense and it was used at EXACTLY the right times yesterday!  Catching UGA off balance and even with too many on the field paid big dividends.  Again, credit to E.

GEAUX FOR IT!!:  4 for 4 on fourth down conversions, and it was no accident, no luck.  No hesitation by E, O, and Joe!  LSU coaches has full trust of Joe Burrow and he's earned it.  

Dual threat Joe!:  Burrow can run, y'all.  I hear/read a lot of folks...including Coach O...say they wanna limit that because we can't afford for him to get hurt.  My opinion, Joe is a gamer and limiting him will do more harm than good.  He clearly knows when to run and when not to.  Trust Joe!  He's a major weapon when he takes off.  #2 is still looking for his jock.

Pedal to the metal!:  LSU has shown a lull in every single game this season...until yesterday.  It was refreshing to see the team AND the coaching staff keep their feet on the gas ALL GAME LONG.  Play to win, don't play not to lose!

All of these things show improvement and solid coaching.  Consistency is the next step.  Defense, damn, we're DBU man and it ain't close.  Run defense was sketchy at times but it was nice seeing Glen Logan have a big game and get pressure from the DL!  I thought Aranda did a GREAT job confusing Fromm, and Kirby Smart was stupid not going to Fields and Holyfield.  Only getting 7 carries out of #13 should be a fireable offense!  And had Fields been allowed to throw, we likely aren't prepared for it.  But hey, it's fun watching our staff out coach the SEC Champs and National Runners Up. ?

On to the COWBELLS!!


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And when you throw it down and spread the field effectively, you open up the run. No more stacking the box. CEH and his 145 yards say "hello".

And a little about the Jawja defense pre-LSU:

The Bulldogs wall off their opponents instead. Georgia hardly allows points (13 per game, second), yards (283.2 per game, 13th) or first downs (15.8 per game, ninth).

Georgia plays fundamental defense out of a 3-4 scheme under head coach Kirby Smart, and rarely requires the blitz of the two safeties, which generally drop back in pass coverage in what is called "two-high" coverage.

"A team that can stop the run and play two-high is a great football team," LSU head coach Ed Orgeronsaid. "That's what they can do. So, it makes it hard to run the football, and it makes it hard for us to throw the football against two-high. So, we're going to have to get them in certain situations. We're going to have to call the right plays, do the right things."


No running back has yet to rush for 100 yards in a game against Georgia this season, and preseason All-Southeastern Conference cornerback Deandre Baker and safety J.R. Reed have limited big gains on the receiving end.


So this was no chump defense.

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