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For those that couldn't make it, there was a great time in the "Chatbox" last night for the game.

Luckily, I don't see anywaay to archive it, so anything that happens in chat stays in chaat.  LOL.

Looking forward to see new and regulars alike talk about the game in the Chatbox for future games.

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I like that.  

I think we did it a little last night, but as we grow and more people show up...especially if there's some strangers...we need to make an effort to keep the game thread active during the game.  

Although IMO, the chat rocks because you don't have to constantly refresh and it's cool that we can go back and read it....then the recap thread really blew up after the game. 

I'm gonna start a blog called "Post Game Presser" and that'll be the game recap going forward

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