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MSU@LSU 6:05 pm Saturday ESPN/98.1


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LSU and MSU meet for the 112th time tonight under the lights of Tiger Stadium.  That's a lot of history and in fact, it means LSU and MSU had met many times prior to the "Silent Season" of 1918.  

The Tigers will be wearing special uniforms that, if not for the historical undertones, wouldn't be my favorites to say the least. ?
But I do appreciate history, especially when it involved The Ole War Skule!!

Tonight the Tigers that ARE on the field representing LSU will be in a battle of their own.  The Bulldogs trail heavily in the series, holding the record for the team LSU has beaten more than any other...even Tulane!  73 times LSU has beaten the dawgs, including an amazing 7 of 10 times in the dark days of the 90s.  Sure, every dawg has it's day, but John Bond isn't running out of that tunnel Saturday night. 

On the surface, this game actually concerns me.  LSU coming off a HUGE win against #2 UGA last weekend, and has THE game coming up next on the schedule.  But.......

Last year the Bulldogs beat the Tigers mercilessly. They could do no wrong amidst a legion of clanging cowbells.  The Tigers could do no right.  SURELY the Tigers, the coaching staff AND the players, remember this embarrassment!  It's one I won't soon forget, and I hope the team doesn't either.  

With that said, it's PAYBACK TIME!!  I'm hoping LSU beats the Bulldogs worse than we did their cousins from the SEC East.  It's time for victory #74 in this series.  It's time to........



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I'm guessing we'll see lining up in shotgun formation a lot more than usual.  MSU has a DL that ranks up there with Florida's. They have the best scoring defense in the nation. In addition, Nick Fitzgerald already holds the rushing record for a QB in the SEC (he's no slouch).

The question is which Bulldog team will show up?  Will it be the one that upset Auburn or the one that got beat by Kaintuckee.

Our OL is still a fluid patchwork of chessmanship due to injuries, but I think we can have success with QB draws, RB screen passes, and downfield shots to keep the LBs and Safeties honest (and not stacking the box). Most os all, we need to own the clock with a solid and sustained rushing game, which includes Burrow rushing for key 1st downs.

Defensively, we need to force Nick Fitzgerald to beat us with his arm and not his legs.  Containment of their  running game is key. 

Overall, I think everything will boil down to roster depth.  With MSU, there are 3-4 difference makers on their team as opposed to:

  • Greedy Williams
  • Cole Tracy
  • Joe Burrow
  • Nick Brossette
  • Devin White
  • Clyde Edwards-Helaire
  • Grant Delpit
  • Stephen Sullivan
  • Justin Jefferson

And that's just scratching the surface of our roster.

If any single player for LSU has a statement game, we'll win. If 2 or more above have an above average game, it'll likely be a long bus ride back for MSU.

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Regarding msu and their impressive stats defensively this year, they don't look so good when playing some team with a pulse. 

Also their rushing offense IS Fitz. Contain him, contain them. 

Agree best way to win is own time if possession. 

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State’s pass defense was very good and I think that contributed to Burrow having an unproductive (by his standards) night.

Fitz often looked like a one-man team out there. But any time he dropped back, he got rocked. That limited him to having to run dang near every play, and LSU adjusted to that very well after a while.

Three cheers for our kicker (again).

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State's defense was very good, all 11.  Their offense was all Fitz legs, his arm sucks and our DB's really made some excellent jumps on the ball.  The rain affected the game, the passing in particular.  I think all the field goals came because the play calling was adjusted to the rain conditions and the fact that State may not score again.  There were times where we would have thrown in the red zone in a normal game, but we chose to run and just set up a field goal, after we had a decent lead.  The fact that Tracy is so dependable is another reason.

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Our offense opened up once the rain stopped.  You could see on one throw (during the rain) where the ball slipped a bit in Burrow's grip as he was releasing the ball.  Luckily, the ball wound up in an area where it could not be picked off.

I was fine with the run dominated approach.  It was the strategy that this game required. This was dictated by both the weather and MSU's defense.

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thoughts on the game. 

that was not pretty football.  but LSU did the right thing and hit went out and won the game. 

it it became evident early that Miss St. was not a threat to move the ball and score. So we adjusted out gameplan around that and began to play for FGs. 

it was wet and windy. no use forcing the issue throwing it downfield. just do what you have to do to move the chains. our kicker ain’t missing anything. 

Nick Fitzgerald turned in possibly the worst QB performance i have ever seen in Death Valley.  Which is really impressive considering we’re the team that made terrible QB play famous. 

also, what was that dipshit thinking bringing ball out of the end zone on Burrow’s pick? 

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2 hours ago, Nutriaitch said:

also, what was that dipshit thinking bringing ball out of the end zone on Burrow’s pick? 

When he did that, I literally laughed out loud and called that dude the equivalent of "poop's exit door". You only get to see that level of eff up about once every 2-3 seasons.

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