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It is Officially Bye Week

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We normally play Bye pretty tough, and I expect this week will be no different. 


I honestly think the team and fans need this break more than usual. For the team the obvious is to get ready for Tuscaloosa U with new wrinkles thrown into the game plan. And the coaches have their work cut out for them. They have to be hyped - and angry - but not to the point they are so hyped the focus is down. It's a fine line. It is also time to get some rest and let any nagging injuries, or almost injuries, heal.


The fans need the week to decompress and then to get back into Tiger Stadium and make the place rock. The fans need rest too. For the second week in a row, my throat is a wreck. Last night my ears started popping during the game. The stiff heavy dew did not help. 


Everybody rest and get ready. I am hoping 3Nov brings epic tailgating, and then the smell of bourbon in the air for the game, and the Red team's offense to think they are standing next to a jet engine!

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I saw some Burrow interview after the State game, and he said the team really needs a week off, and HE needs a week off to decompress a bit.  And when Joe said it, he LOOKED like he MEANT it.  He hadn't started a game in 3 years, nor played this much, and as the team has enjoyed success, I think the pressure he feels to help his teammates rises.  Plus all the media attention nationally, that's a lot to carry.  He said the first half of the State game was his worst half of football ever, but he started to get into a rhythm late in the first half.  He was asked what he thought of the LSU defense and he said they are awesome and kept LSU in the game when the offense was stalled.   He's a nice young man, and being a coaches son, he says all the right stuff so there is no "locker room material" for the other team, and he gives most of the credit for wins to his teammates.  Smart guy.

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13 hours ago, La Tigresse said:

I will do my part. And I need the bye to help. Last night it was taking all I had to scream. I did, but I am paying for it today, just like last week. 

We have an annual event here that will be happening game day (Nov 3).  I hope to God they don't make the game an afternoon game.

We have our annual "Tug of War" between the Maritime Republic of Eastport and the City of Annapolis (also known as the "Slaughter Across The Water"). A rope is strewn across the harbor here ands there are a series of about 10 tug competitions between various organizations (Eastport Firemen vs Annapolis Police, local pubs vs local pubs, Navy Cadets vs local busineses, Yacht clubs vs Yacht clubs, etc.,.) all for the benefit of local Charities.

There are music stages on each side of the harbor with bands playing all day, a chili cookoff, and did I mention beer for sale? (For some reason, when they yell "Tug, Tug, Tug" all I hear is "Chug, Chug, Chug".)


This will be my tailgate for the day, and I am hoping I can get some of my displaced Tiger expats to join me in Eastport for the 'Tug n Chug', listen to some local musicians, then find a pub to watch the game. (Yes, when it comes down to it, I identify myself as an "Eastportorican" rather than an "Annapolitan".)

>>>>>Edited to add pics<<<<<







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