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PC Build issue


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My son (electrical eng.) spec'ed and build a new pc for me in August.  All was good, except for an occasional blue screen of death (BSOD) for memory management.  I got an auto Microsoft Win 10 update, and that error went away.  About mid Oct., I started getting a hard fail, "video TDR failure", Timeout delay problem.  Son found a registry edit to improve that, which i did, it failed a couple more times, then nirvana for a few days.  Then after further research, son asked me to pull memory sticks and see what version they were, to see if they were really compatible VERSION (version is not on the box, it is only on the memory stick) with the mother board (just out from Asus).  When I did, the system went back to hard fail mode.  So, I pulled one stick out to see what it would do on 4 gig. of memory, and it failed, video tdr failure.  Then I swapped the stick of memory, and the machine came to life just fine.  So, I am running on 4 gig, and will have to see if I can get Corsair to send me a new stick to replace the other one.

It's been frustrating, and time consuming, reading the Asus and AMD forums, and its a Corsair memory issue, or so it appears at this point.

A friend advised me against going this route, he said to just buy a new Dell or HP or Lenovo.  He said the big vendors do a better job testing compatibility of components before they ship a system, and support it better after you buy.  But, it was something I wanted to do with my son, and he swore he could spec better parts than the big manuf. put in.  I believe him, I just got burned with some defective memory stick.

Knowing everything I know now, I would do it over again because working with my son has been fun.  If I was not related to a PC guru, no way!

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Houtiger, if the memory is still under warranty, I'd push Corsair to replace BOTH memory modules.  Not sure if it is still the case, but I remember several years ago 'higher end' memory was supposed to be 'matching pairs'.

Also, if your memory banks are not maxed out I'd serious consider installing as much memory as your motherboard is designed for.  

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