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LSU-Alabama Preview (Pt 1)


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He we are at the end of October and we have the gumps heading to Death Valley for a top 5 matchup that may well determine how the west was won. 

Let's dive in head first

Tua...it ALL starts with Tua. This may sound hyperbolic, but he's the best SEC QB in my lifetime, and he's a sophomore. He's played about 2/3 of a season as THE featured player on his team without throwing a single interception. I mean, not even a tipped ball INT. Nothing. He's Peyton Manning with Manziel wheels. He's an amazing talent. 

His go to if there's pressure isn't too dump it to the flats. It's the slot guy. The big play guy. He's that bold and he's that good hitting his mark. 

His legs are a threat, although he uses them mostly just to buy himself time to throw. Sometimes it's like he can't be tackled in a phone booth! And he can spin it like nobody's business. 

He's the best player in the country and you're kidding yourself if you think otherwise. 

His receivers are burners with mitts. He's got 3 wide outs that can and will blow past coverages and he will hit them in stride. He's got Irv Smith who is a matchup nightmare...a fast big tight end that can catch. 

We haven't even talked about the running backs, and they're 3 deep in 5 stars. And they're playing behind a star studded OL with experience. 

They hit you hard and they hit you fast. Alabama has scored...not just scored, but scored a TD on every. single.opening.drive.this.season. Every single one. 

Sounds fun, huh? Well it's all true. 

We HAVE to withstand the early onslaught. We HAVE to put Tua in uncomfortable situations. We HAVE to cover these receivers like glue. We HAVE to tackle!! And we HAVE to figure a way to turn him over! Let's make him show he can handle throwing a pick, getting hit, being sacked, and trying to throw into coverage. 

We have to do this without Devin White for the first half. That's the killer. Alabama is a quick strike team and Tua is an assassin that takes you out before you even hear the crack of the rifle. We have to hit him first. Without our field general. 

Can we do it?



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best think we have going for us is that Tua has never seen a secondary like ours. 

outside of that, they block really REALLY well. which is an even bigger advantage against LSU than most because we don’t aggressively attack like we have in the past. 

the big thing will be stopping their run game. especially in first half. 

we may have to creep Delpit up in run support which now takes our best remaining defender out of the passing game somewhat. 

Greedy is gonna do his thing. So i expect Fulton and Vincent to be busy all night long.  


this game is bass ackwards from traditional LSU/Alabama games. 

both defenses are still solid, but neither is at the world beating levels we typically expect. 

however, now both offenses are significantly better than normal. 


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1 hour ago, dachsie said:

I just hope they don't hurt Burrow in this game.  Burrow wont slide and I wouldn't put it past them to try to get him out of the game

It's football. 

Burrow said today "if you're timid, don't come out of the locker room".  He ain't scared. 

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