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Gameday Tigers

#1 Alabama vs #3 LSU CBS AT NIGHT


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Here we GEAUX!!

LSU at home...at night...and it means something! 

There's nothing we haven't discussed regarding this game. GumpTurds is Goliath, can LSU be David?

Anyone who says they saw LSU in the first CFP poll prior to the season is lying.  LSU is battle tested and has proven to be tough, scrappy, and in fact, well coached. Coach O has won me over with his passion for LSU and Louisiana, and his quick adjustments to what had become a stale brand of football by LSU. I don't know if LSU wins this game, but i know they fight and I know they play with fire like Tigers!

As for Alabama, I will defer to Coach O...



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I watched Sports Center last night, Game Day this AM, SEC Now on SEC network.  Nobody is picking LSU to win, OK except Alex Bregman on Gameday as guest picker.

Every discussion of LSU was ONLY about the defense, it will be the best GumpTurds has faced this year.  But, they then say that the GumpTurds offense starts fast and with D. White out, the game will be over before he joins for the second half.

NOBODY, NOBODY, NOBODY mentioned the LSU offense.  It's like they don't exist.  It's all about Tua and Jerry Jeudy.

One commentator said Joe Burrow said he thinks he can throw against the GumpTurds secondary and is looking forward to the game.  Could the story of the game be the success of LSU's offense against the GumpTurds defense?  All I can say is that they are being overlooked by the talking heads on TV.

I'm pulling for the upset!


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I was at the Eastport-Annapolis Tug-of-War today buying beer tickets when the lady checking IDs and issuing wrist bans saw my LSU sweatshirt and immediately broke into...

"Hot Boudin,
Cold couche couche.
Come on Tigers,
Push push push!"

Almost brought a tear to my eye.

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