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Week 2 Polls


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We should actually drop some more, because the win over Miami pushed us up farther in the rankings than we really deserve. If someone were to ask me where I really feel LSU should be ranked, id probably say 17th or 18th.

I try to be as realistic as possible with LSU and though I may bleed purple and gold, that does not tend to cloud my vision.

I posted this elsewhere, but at the start of the season I really didn't know what we had as a team and my biggest worry was the OL and that subpar offensive line play could have cascading effects on both the running and passing games.

That was evident last night, but we were down 2 starters on the OL.  We'll get one back for Auburn and hopefully MaGee will be back before Ole Miss.

On the positive side of things, Burrow appears to be picking up the playbook nicely and I fely he distributed the ball much better this week than he did last week.

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