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What's for dinner?


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5 hours ago, Eq4bits said:

Got my red beans & savoy sausage on the stove for this evening

That sounds good. I had "Monday" so on my way home, I got Wendy's salad. The new Harvest Salad with chicken, apples, I think Feta, walnuts, and some other stuff. I sounded half-way healthy.

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1 hour ago, La Tigresse said:

I was drooling from the appetizers on. I don't ever get over to Laffy, but if i do, I know where to go eat.

Other than your house, of course. :classic_biggrin:

Come on over any time! One thing Lafayette has going for it is plenty of good places to eat. Here is one of my favorites:



Last not was sort of odd.  Hadn't been to that restaurant in a while. We were out with my BIL and SIL. The waitress, to put it nicely, was annoying to the point of being melodramatic and very "touchy" will all of us.  It was really weird.

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