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Devin White Announcing Today


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Screw this, he gets his own thread regardless. 

104.5 reported this am that DW wil announce his intentions today, and that it will be "theatrical".

A part of me says that means he's staying because he knows fans love him, and he wouldn't make a big show of leaving. 

But, then of course they also said he's "expected to enter the draft".

Either way, one of the best representatives LSU has had in a long time. Love this dude. 

Good luck,  Devin!

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Devin White announces at LSU's Pro Day that he has signed with Nike


Devin White claims he had many offers to select when it comes to endorsements, but in the end, the LSU star selected with the brand he knows and loves.

During his appearance at LSU’s recent Pro Day, the top inside linebacker prospect of the 2019 NFL Draft announced he has signed with Nike.

The way White tells it, he has a celebratory dinner lined up with Nike following LSU’s Pro Day.

“I’m going to eat with Nike. I just signed a deal with Nike, I’ve been a Nike guy for a long time,” White revealed when asked about his dinner plans. “LSU (which is sponsored by Nike), I got Nike on right now and I want to forever be a part of their brand. I had a lot of offers on the table and I narrowed it down and I’m blessed to stay a part of the Nike family. So I got a dinner date with my guy Matt of the Nike family and we are about to combine and become one big family.”

White projects as an early first-round selection the upcoming 2019 NFL Draft but he won’t have to wait for those NFL paychecks to start coming in now that he’s got Nike eager to pay him to wear the gear he already loves to support.

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