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College Football Playoff To Expand To 12-Teams


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Some details...

  • The 6 highest ranked conference champions are automatic qualifiers with 1st round byes for the 4 highest ranked conference champions
  • The other 6 teams will be the next 6 highest ranked teams in the CFP rankings.
  • The CFP ranking system will undergo re-evaluation of its criteria. (Not sure what this will mean, tbh.)
  • Quarterfinal and semi-final rounds will be played in Bowl games on a rotating basis.
  • 1st round games will be played on campus sites at least 12 days after conference championships (LSU could theoretically host a playoff game in Tiger Stadium).
  • Four highest seeds that DO NOT have week 1 byes will pair up with the 4 lowest ranked teams for the 1st round.

CBS lays out how the new format would have looked over the past 8 seasons. The only year besides 2019 that LSU would have qualified for the playoffs was in 2018 with LSU as the 11th team in.



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Great question, Nootch.

Also...looking backwards to see how the playoffs would have filled out cannot possibly take into account any tweaks to how the flawed CFP ranking system will be improved, so that needs to be caveated also.

Brian Kelly's former team would have made 2 or 3 more playoff appearances but does it take into account the ND is pretty much overrated every year.

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