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2 Point Conversion with Fish and Nootch 2022 Ep 1


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The Brian Kelly era at LSU begins..........RIGHT NOW


No clue why, but it shows as a 2+ hour podcast.  It's not.  The last hour is silence.  Sorry but at least the FIRST hour isn't silence lol.  
Come to think of it, sometimes maybe y'all wish the whole thing was silent 😮

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Great job as usual, guys!

I'm eager to see Daniels play (I assume him to be the starter). Watching previous game clips of him, he never had the receiving stable he'll have here. The one slight concern I see with Daniels was that he'd take off if his 1st receiver was covered...most likely due to the fact that he really didn't have many options to check down to, I hope.

I am also to see how the linebackers play as I think we're flying under the radar there. 


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Great podcast guys!  One of your most enjoyable.  Maybe because we haven't played an actual game.  Maybe because it's been a long time since the last podcast.  I enjoyed the personal updates from you two.  My daughter lives in Victoria, maybe I can run down to the coast sometime FH!  If you get up Houston way, give me a shout and LSUDad and I are up for lunch!

You hit on my concerns, QB and CB.  I feel better about the safety spot, Ward and Burns played last year so they know what to expect.  At CB we have Laterrance Welch in the freshman class, he is a 4* but just showed up in the summer.  I wonder if he gets playing time.

Another question mark is Boutte and how his injury has healed.  I read he had a second surgery on his ankle that kept him out of the spring, so I hope he is back at 100%, but those are funny things sometime.

When you talked receivers, you didn't mention Chris Hilton (not that you should have, nobody else does, BK did mention him once).  I just remember when he signed I made a mental note, 4*, 6' 170, could probably add weight, 4.4 40 yd. dash, won the state championship in the high jump at 6' 8" (he cleared 7" during the year).  He ran the 100 meters in high school also.  He sounded like a heck of an athlete, but was injured his freshman year and did not play.  I hope he is fully recovered and gets some playing time this year.

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