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Game Topic: LSU vs Southern (2022) … 6:30 pm ... SEC Network


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8 hours ago, dachsie said:

As long as we have been playing football, we have never played Southern?  That's amazing.

not very surprising though.
LSU only recently started playing against any in-state FCS schools (McNeese in 2010).

other than a "dress rehearsal" type practice, they bring nothing to the table.
all of the benefits are reaped by the opponent.  Exposure to a larger audience, LSU cuts them a ridiculously fat check, etc.

then add to the fact that Southern brings as close to zero extra to the Baton Rouge economy as possible, and it's kinda shocking that Woody agreed to this game.

8 hours ago, dachsie said:

I wish we could see the halftime show.

SEC Network+ on ESPN app will carry it.

8 hours ago, LSUDad said:

We have played them in a number of sports, just not Football. 

makes economic sense (for both schools) to play them in other sports.

having a midweek game with no travel expenses, can sleep in own bed, get dressed in own facilities, etc.


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I enjoyed the game, but I don't enjoy beating up an inferior opponent.

1. Jayden Daniels is the best QB we have.  Nuss was inaccurate and his decision making was not good at times.  Nuss does have arm strength, his passes to the sideline had good velocity.  I was glad to see Walker Howard get a few snaps, that had to be a treat for a freshman's first game in Tiger Stadium.

2. Goodwin looks like our #1 back, until Emery plays next week.  Cain looks slow.  Some kids don't get all the way back from a leg injury.

3. Offensive line looked better.  Significant shakeup with Dellinger moving to guard, Charles Turner at center and I heard Tremond Shorts was at right tackle.  Now let's talk about coaching.  Creativity.  How do you get the best 5 players on the line?  Not every o-lineman can play every position. We did a big shuffle.  I don't know that Brad Davis could do that on his own.  Denbrock coached the o-line in the past, Kelly at least has an interest in it and lots of years of experience.  I think the 3 working together, thought out the pros and cons of several scenarios and came up with a creative solution.  But, its hard to tell how this will work out in the SEC play.  Turner is a little light given some of the nose tackles he'll face.  We'll learn a lot this Saturday.

4. Harold Perkins led the team in tackles with 7, from the box score.  I didn't hear them call his name.  Last week he went down on kick coverage and popped the ball carrier, he has athleticism if he's first down on kick coverage.  I was glad to see Baskerville get an int.

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