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LSU wins by 15, but it wasn't really pretty. TAMU never led, but without tremont waters, we lose. 

3 finished with 36 and it was an "easy 36". He just controlled the game in the 2nd half. He was unconscious in the 1st half. 

Thank goodness, because Reid and Mays combined for 0-12 in the first half!

LSU destroyed tamu on the offensive glass and played great defense. 

Tremont Waters won't beat out Grant Williams for SEC POY, but he's amazing right now. 

Tigers improve to 17-3, 7-0 in conference!

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At one point early in the 2nd half,  Waters, Days, and Taylor were 14 for 20,the rest of the team was 1 for 20.

LSU still maintained the lead the whole time, with Reid and Bigby-Williams making a little noise in the 2nd half. 

Naz Reid is still expected to be a one and done, but I assure you it's based solely on potential and size. He's got no inside game at all

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