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LSU vs Arky 5pm PMAC/SECN


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LSU looks to continue its winning ways when they play host to the Arkansas Razorbacks tonight in the PMAC.  LSU owns a 10 game win streak as well as an 18 game home winning streak, and sits 7-0 in SEC play for the season. 

LSU, aside from Tremont Waters, struggled thru a win at TAMU Wednesday night.  Particularly, Skyler Mays and Naz Reid struggled offensively.  Mays, however, played extremely well defensively.  
Reid scored 27 against the Hogs in Fayetteville earlier this season, so I'd look for him to come into the game with confidence.  We know Mays is a threat to score, so I would expect him to break his slump against the Pigs tonight as well.  Mays shot mostly from beyond the arc Wednesday night.  He had open looks, but it just wasn't happening for him.  I'd like to see him drive the ball to the rim more tonight.  He's got the skill to do it, but just didn't seek inside opportunities against the Aggies.  

Tremont can obviously carry this team, but I like to see him create opportunities for others with his incredible ball handling, driving, and dishing skills.  

Arkansas is coming off a big win against UGA, and the Tigers look to continue rolling along in the SEC.  


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LSU finally got bit by falling behind. Although they took the lead late and had the ball leading 89-88 with about 40 seconds to play after trailing by as many as 18 points with under 10 minutes to go. 

With the ball and the lead, LSU just had to hold the ball a while and drive late in the shot clock...which is the strategy that got them going offensively, especially from the charity stripe. Arky already had a couple starters that had fouled out and LSU again shot brilliantly from the line. 

Instead, with the PMAC really rocking for the first time since 2006 or so, Tremont Waters got a little caught up in the moment and made a really poor choice. Early in the shot clock, he chose to attempt about a 40 alley oop pass to Marlon Taylor... and he did something I thought sad impossible. He threw it too high for Taylor to corral. Arkansas got the ball back and scored to take the lead 90-89. LSU still had a decent chance but somehow missed 3 shots before time ran out. 

And so ended the streak of 18 home wins, 10 wins overall, and 7 SEC wins in a row. 

I had already prepared myself for the MSU road game next week, figuring that could be the streak ender. But now we have to face them after losing this one to Arky at home. 

I know Herb was watching and will attest, this team is anything but boring to watch, and anything but quitters. But there's a lot of improvement that needs to happen. The team has to play hard all 40 minutes. Lately they've been coming out with slow starts, and it finally got them. Shooting from outside has been atrocious, although they're still killing it from the line. (good reason to quit the 3 point festival and drive to the basket, draw fouls)

Arky was unconscious shooting the ball, out of character for them to be honest. And they played harder than the Tigers the first 3/4 of the game. 

Learning opportunity for a young team... still a ton of ball to be played. 

Geaux Tigers!!

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Arkansas had the 3 point juju last night.  It seemed like they simply could not miss ANY 3 point attempts (they did miss a few, but my God they were hot from outide the 3 point line).

LSU has an exciting young team.  At this point they need to grow somewhat to be a legitimate team title contender, but ANYTHING can happen during March Madness.

They clawed back from being 18 points down by having a relentless full court press for the majority of the 2nd half.  This team was not giving an inch. They earned every point differential on each trip down the court...it was an impressive effort that fell short (this time).

You won't feel cheated out of your money with this team. Check their schedule and do yourself a favor by watching a few of their games.

LSU Basketball is back.

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6 hours ago, Herb said:

Arkansas had the 3 point juju last night.  It seemed like they simply could not miss ANY 3 point attempts (they did miss a few, but my God they were hot from outide the 3 point line).


It was unreal. One pig is shooting 15% from 3 on the year and you'd have thought he was Steph Curry last night

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