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LSU Men’s Basketball, 2023 Recruiting And Portal


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rumours are swirling that jalen cook will announce very soon, possibly thursday. 


that might create a lineup of 


jalen cook

adam miller

jordan wright

bj mack

shawn philips




jalen reed

mwani wilkinson

tyrell ward

trae hannibal

cam hayes

derek fountain

corey chest

mike williams


could be a decent squad

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jalen cook is returning.  so there are maybe two new starting guards in cook and wright.  i think wright could also play the 3, and that would work maybe with miller at SG. 


cook's immediate eligibility status is unknown

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strap yourselves in, lots of news. 


as just noted miller to the portal


amaree abraham, and athletic freshman from ole miss that can shoot, is predicted to LSU.


will baker, slow white meaty center from nevada who can  defeinitely shoot, is also predicted to join in.  

so maybe we would have:

1. cook/hannibal

2. abraham

3. wright/ward

4. wilkinson/reed/fountain

5. baker/mack

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i subscribe to some advanced metric sites that do deep dives on college basketball.  here are some intersting tidbits. 


both the new players would have been the best player on last years team.   this is largely because KJ williams is not a good defender.   the best players last year according to the metrics were KJ and fountain.   both jordan wright and jalen cook are better than those guys.   cook is average at defense and good on offense, whilst wright is well above average on both.   defense matters. 


mwani wilkinson is a defensive wizard and his loss hurt more than we might have been aware.  none of LSU's players last year were in the top 50 in the SEC. they really sucked.   only hayes KJ and fountain really were worth a shyte.  adam miller was shyte. 


probably your best lineup next year is








desperately need a big man in the portal. 

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7 foot big man Will Baker transfers from Nevada to LSU:


Jalen Cook transfers to LSU from Tulane:


Jordan Wright xfers from Vandy to LSU:


I think when McMahon was hired he had zero time to really put together a squad.  Now that he has been here for a season coupled with LSU Athletics kicking ass in every category it seems, I think things will look up.

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lsu signed a grad transfer big white athletic guy called hunter dean as a grad transfer from george washington.  not a huge skill guy, but can run and dunk.  kinda like a white kavell bigby williams.   should be a backup frontcourt player  and a decent contributor.

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Former Kentucky power forward Daimion Collins has committed to LSU, he told On3.

The 6-foot-9, 210-pound sophomore is a former five-star recruit and McDonald’s All-American. Despite the high school accolades, Collins was never able to truly find his footing and make an impact in Lexington. He averaged less than eight minutes per game in both seasons at Kentucky, hovering around two-to-three points per game.

Collins, a native of Atlanta, Texas, will now finish out his college career in Baton Rouge. The LSU Tigers finished the 2022-23 season 14th in the SEC with an overall record of 14-19.

Daimion Collins was the No. 15 overall recruit in the 2021 cycle, according to the On3 Industry Rankings, a weighted average that utilizes all four major recruiting media companies. Coming out of high school, he picked Kentucky over Oklahoma, Texas Tech, Texas, and Kansas.

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Collins is a pretty significant portal signing.

When McMahon was hired, I figured he'd need 3-4 years to get his players in, his system firing on all cylinders, and be able to see significant improvement. This has been an impressive offseason and the rebuild might be moving faster than I thought it would.

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these days i would hope it never takes 3-4 years for a team to get rolling.  whole teams come and go via transfer every year.  i am not sre how much the "system" matters now, unless that system is a finely tuned machine for luring talented transfers. 

i have looked at the metrics on all these players.  they should be able to score, they have offensive skill and experience. perhaps not as much athleticism and defense. 


i generally think great teams need 1 or two stars. this team has lots of players who are very good, and competent. not sure any of them are stars.  maybe cook will be, maybe collins will be. 


i am hoping for this year the same thing i hope for every year. make the tournament. it seems possible.  the higher level goal for excellent teams, finishing top 4 in the SEC, that still seems out of range at the moment.  but i think we are heading in the right direction.


daimion collins length and athleticism are incredible. like stromile swift level. but longer and jumpier! 

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Penalties for the LSU men's basketball program (most of them retroactive) include: 

  • A reduction in scholarships by one over the 2023-24 season and by one over the 2024-25 season
  • A 15-week ban on unofficial visits during the 2022-23 academic year
  • Reduction in the total official visits permitted by two during the 2022-23 academic year
  • A seven-week ban on telephonic communication with all prospective men's basketball student-athletes during the 2022-23 academic year
  • An off-campus recruiting restriction of 20 days in 2022-23
  • An off-campus recruiting restriction for the former head coach, former assistant coach No. 1, and then-assistant coaches for 30 days in April-May 2019
  • The then-staff were prohibited from visiting a certain prospective-student-athlete's high school, attending his contests, or otherwise communicating with him for 30 days in April-May 2019
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