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Gameday Tigers

LSU vs Northwestern State (May 9, 2023)


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For the first time all year, LSU takes the field without the #1 ranking attached to their names.
The Demons come on down from lovely Natchitoches, LA for a ball game tonight, 6:30pm at The Box
Note: the first 2,500 fans in attendance receive a Tommy White poster

Radio / TV:
98.1 FM in Baton Rouge area, or free in the LSUSports app if you want the radio call.
Like all instate mid-week games, you can stream it on SECN+ if you prefer to watch it.

82°, really cloudy, and ridiculously humid and muggy.

NSU - So. RHP Chase Prestwich (4-3 ; 5.51 ERA)
LSU - 955df019-b82f-413f-bda0-8b2b0b29e7fb_tex

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32 minutes ago, Just Me said:

raining in br now, and another band down in the gulf. hard to tell if the one down south is going to go to the west of br, or over. 

yeah forest is 50% rest of evening until 9 or so when it goes up to over 70%.

this one may not happen tonight.

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Top 1

Hurd on the bump

First batter, Elkins, foul, BH to left-nobody out one on

#2 batter, b, S, b, no clue where it missed, b, walk.  Sigh.

#3 dude, S, bouncer past Hurd, Dugas picks up and steps on 2nd, only play .  1 down, 2 on

Cleanup dude, ball gets past Travinsky, runner scores and runner moved up to 2nd.  
b, b, b almost hit em, it's unreal........ball four not even close.  Not sure how long I can make it lol

Meeting on the mound...JJ has to be pulling his hair out right now

#5 guy, S, Beautiful 6/12, S 2,  B, B, 2-2, dude chased high heat, K...2 down

#6 guy, foul, strike one.  Cutter, he can't find it, 0-2.  K!  Looking, breaking ball right over the knees


It's 1-0 them to the bottom of the first




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1-0 them

Dugas-S, S, ball (checked his swing), almost hit the pitch magnet, foul, grounder to 2nd, good play up the middle gets Dugas.  1 down

Morgan- S, B, B. foul 2-2, popped out to catcher, 2 down

Crews- S, B, S, FO shy of track in CF, 3 up 3 down

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Bottom 2
1-0 them

White (my MC)-S, B, B, B, GOOD LORT!!!!!!!!  BOMB!!!!!!!!!!!!Yanked it out to LF!!  1-1!  

Beloso (We went to the same HS)- S, S, B 1-2, DIAMOND DECK SPECIAL!!!!!!!!!! 2-1 Tigers!!!!

The Whole Vibe Travinsky- Back.  To BACK.  TO BACK!!!!!!!! JACKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 3-0 Tigers!

Jared "The Bear" Jones- B, S, B, B, foul, 3-2 (JUST missed that one), Nasty slider gets him swinging at ball 4, 1 out

Jobert- S, B, rips a single to RF! 

JT- foul, strike 1, B, foul strike 2, B, 2-2,  UGH!

Pick off play, ball gets away, Jobert takes THIRD, but for some reason, stepped off 3rd and gets tagged out.  2 down. 

JT grounds out to his counterpart, and we're done but we're crooked with gorilla ball showing itself. 

Come at me, @Just Me

3-1 Tigers after 2


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3 minutes ago, Nutriaitch said:

colossally stupid base running error.

would have scored on that hopper by JT

Not sure why we're not giving Kling these midweek ABs if we're gonna use him on the weekend

He would've been at 3rd with no throw fixing a sammich.

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Top 3

Elkins-S, S, B, foul, still 1-2, Goodnight!  Yikes, nasty curve/slider

Hurd is done, was only expected to go 2 innings, JJ gave him an extra batter.  Shake and Blake coming in.

*Last time LSU went back to back to back HRs, Cade Beloso was involved.  We went to the same HS, by the way

2 up 2 down as this dude bounces out to Dugas

3rd dude up, b, b, b, S, 3-1, obligatory bomb, 3-2 Tigers

Stewart- S, b, b, FO 8 and we're done. 

To the bottom of the 3rd, we're at the top of the order


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Bottom 3rd  Tigers up 3-2
Demons on pitcher #3

Dugas-S, b, 1-1, b, 2-1, foul 2-2, b and it's a full count, foul, foul again, he's way out in front, walked him 1 on 0 out

Morgan- S, b, b, 2-1, smoked to deep CF, but caught at the track, 1 down

Crews - 111 mph foul down LF line, 0-1, hit him in the head, he's OK
2 on, 1 down with RBI...I mean Tanks coming up

White- JUST a bit outside, 1-0, foul, 1-1, b, base hit and Dugas scores, 4-1 Tigers (77 RBI for my dude), 2 on 1 out

Beloso (you know) - b, b, b, not a competitive pitch yet, ball four and the Vibe coming up with the sacks full of Tigers

The Vibe- b, almost hit him, b, this rag arm sucks, b, hit him.  Wow, Crews scored, 5-2 Tigers

Pitching change

The Bear-foul, 0-1, b 1-1, s on a curve, 1-2, couldn't check it, down on strikes twice tonight.  2 down, bases still loaded.  

Jobert- foul 0-1, foul 0-2, b, b, 2-2, ripped off the pitcher's glove, 2 score and it's 7-2 Tigers!


Dugas, b, threw it behind him, b 2-0, 3-0, swinging 3-0 and it's 3-1, foul fills the count, foul keeps it 3-2, foul, foul, foul pop and we're done as the catcher puts it away.  



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