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Let's see your fur babies!

I just love my Daisy!  She became a member of our family three years ago and it's been a heck of a ride.  Daisy is all about play, and catching and destroying all backyard wildlife.  She loves purple and sheds gold. 

This week, she is recovering from surgery and stitches come out on Monday.  I'm surprised she has tolerated the t-shirt.   Love you sweet girl!


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Since March my Spanky has been residing g at my daughter’s in Mississippi due to us having to be in Houston every month for a week AND due to hubs SCT.

i miss him terribly but my grandkids are spoiling him and giving him the attention he needs while my life is in turmoil right now.

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Mikie is still the most awesome dog in the history of dogs. 

But Flynn is pushing his luck. 

dude destroys everything!



and when he gets excited and riled up (in other words all the time), he bites Mikie and always wants to roughhouse with Shortkid. 

so if anyone has like a billion acres to turn him loose on, let me know. i’ll come back and get him in a month or two when he finally wears himself out. 

hes still a pup, less than a year old. so i’m sure he’ll outgrow it. but he’s freaking 65 pounds now and not as easy to just grab control of. 

he knows i’m the boss, won a staring match with him right after winning a bark off when he was about 5 months old. 

hasnt challeneged me since and never had to touch him even. 

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Daisy, Daisy, Daisy!

Yesterday, Daisy was supposed to get her stitches out.  Instead, she removed them herself and exposed the internal stitches.  The vet said that hopefully, it won’t show after her fur grows back.

She is now on Antibiotics, tranquilizers and the dreaded “Cone of Shame”!

The Vet gave her two tranquilizers at 5:45 pm last night, she was still wide awake at 9:30.?

I love my sweet, rambunctious, and psychotic pup!






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Yes, but fairly useless animal

He's AKC registered.  I got him at 1 yr old and he didn't even know his last name was "Retriever".  He hates tennis balls, but will fetch golf balls.  But last year I found the one thing that'll REALLY get him to act like what he is.

Pics/maybe videos to come...

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